Published June 1, 2016

The Sweat Scoop: May 2016


It’s been an a-May-zing month for us at Fhitting Room. Check out this round up of ten big fitness moments in May 2016.

1. FHITpro, Emily Cook Harris, partnered up with Well + Good and Athleta to provide a quick do-it-anywhere workout. Check out this 5 minute body burner full of functional movements to make you sweatier, stronger and more confident in your own body.

2. Summer is nearly in full swing, and that means vacation time is upon us (whoop whoop!). We know staying consistent with your workouts isn’t always easy when jet-setting. Here are a couple tips for fitness on-the-go from U.S. News. Then, head over to our Youtube page to see #goFHIX workouts you can do wherever you may find yourself.

3. Your FHITfam here at The Fhitting Room wants you to feel good at all times and we know there are few things worse than a terrible sunburn. We want you to protect yourself, not wreck yourself. Thankfully, Greatist rounded up this list of 12 sunscreens that don’t provide the protection they claim to. Read this now so you’re not a lobster later.

4. The FDA released an updated nutrition label for the first time since the early ‘90s. Serving sizes are more realistic, calorie counts are more noticeable, and there is a new field to show added sugar.

5. No matter how many times you HIT it, you won’t be feeling the full extent of benefits if you’re eating the wrong foods. U.S. News is here to help with an article about the best things to eat before, during and after a workout.

6. Several fitness trackers are currently taking the heat for providing some not-so-accurate readings. Engineers and researchers are working on the next generation of fitness trackers that will monitor different signals from the body to provide more accurate readings.

7. asked, and FHITpro, Amanda Butler answered! Check out her 12-minute morning workout that will help you jump-start your day.

8. Move over zoodles! We have a new veggie-substitute obsession. Cauliflower rice can be prepared in a matter of minutes, and this article from Chalkboard Mag teaches you how to do it and provides some delicious recipes to test out.

9. There has been a lot of talk lately about the infamous 1-minute workout and whether 60-seconds of all out effort is enough to give the same results as 45-minutes of steady state cardio. FHITpro, Ben Wegman, spent some time in the studio with CBS reporter Alice Gainer to talk about HIIT and what 1-minute of all out effort looks like. FYI, 1-minute all out effort intervals should be part of your workout, not your entire workout! Watch them crush one minute of intense exercise here.

10. We are beyond jazzed to head into June. One of the first things on our calendar? Daybreaker! This event is all about coming together with people who love life as much as you do. Kick start your day with an all-out, bright and early sweatfest on Friday, June 10 at 6am led by FHITpros Ben Wegman and Mark Ribeiro.