Published April 5, 2018

The Sweat Scoop: March 2018


1. Saucony is gearing up for the 2018 Boston Marathon with an… interesting partnership. The sneaker brand partnered with Dunkin' Donuts to create a sprinkles-inspired sneaker (Shape). The shoes showcase sprinkles and Dunkin's beloved pink and orange color combo. Apparently, America really does run on Dunkin'.

2. Gone are the days of Jillian Michaels and Richard Simmons. There’s a new at-home workout in town, and it may just feature your favorite NYC trainers. ClassPass Live launched this March, and Observer breaks down the specs of the new service that lets you sweat from the comfort of your own home.

3. Time to get your soak on. According to Health, new research shows that taking a one-hour bath in hot water can burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk. A study conducted with 14 men found that a hot bath raised body temperatures enough to burn 130 calories. Bubbles are optional.

4. Want to workout like Thor? Men’s Health rounded up 10 ways you can start training like Chris Hemsworth. Click through for plenty of fitness tips + bicep pics.

5. March in NYC started off with a bang as HIIT studio Fhitting Room celebrated their 5th anniversary with a fitness competition for the books. Survival of the FHITTEST saw some of NYC’s toughest competitors sweat it out in a rotating set of HIIT workouts at the Flatiron studio.

6. Great news from Greatist: Cursing during your workout is actually a good thing. It’ll make you workout harder, decrease your pain, and help you bond with your gym buddy. So, next time you’re lifting a particularly heavy set of weights or feeling like you can’t get through that last round of burpees, let those F-bombs fly.

7. Working out during pregnancy might have more benefits than previously thought. Women who break a sweat during their pregnancy are likely to spend less time in the delivery room thanks to shorter labor. Plus, exercising during pregnancy reduces the risk of gestational diabetes and cesarean delivery. (ABC News)

8. One California judge ruled that coffee companies must start including a warning label on everyone’s favorite pick-me-up. Recent research shows that coffee contains trace amounts of acrylamide, a by-product that has shown to cause cancer in rodents, but has never been proven to lead to cancer in humans. (mindbodygreen)

9. Your favorite lunch spot just got a new makeover. Sweetgreen has overhauled their core salad menu, so some of your favorites might soon be gone. Have no fear, the salad spot is replacing five classics with five new flavor combinations. Well + Good has all the details.

10. How’d you do on your bracket this year? The March Madness results are in and Villanova took home the trophy in this year’s NCAA Championship with a 79-62 win over Michigan. Sorry, Wolverines. (CBS Sports)