Published March 30, 2016

The Sweat Scoop: March 2016


From fundraising and riding our FHIT asses off for Cycle to Survival to refusing to leave the bed for a workout, March did not disappoint! Here are ten of our favorite FHIT moments of the past month.

1. We participated in Cycle for Survival for the second year in a row! This year, we raised over $24,000; more than double our initial fundraising goal! Thank you to our entire FHIT community for all the support. We cannot wait to ride, rockout and raise next year!

2. You know those days where you just can’t leave your bed to make it to a workout? Well, FHITpro, Amanda Butler showed SELF magazine how to have your early morning cake and eat it too. Check out This Easy 10 Minute Workout From Your Bed.

3. Our FHITpros bring the heat to every single FHIX. The music they blast plays a key role in keeping every FHIXer motivated. Follow us on Spotify to get a monthly playlist from every instructor. Check out Farouk’s banging March beats here!

4. Gone are the days when low-fat foods were thought to equate to a low-fat body. We know now that the right fats can benefit our bodies in many ways, including speeding up our metabolism. Read Dr. Mark Hyman’s guide to Good Fats VS. Bad Fats on The Chalkboard Mag.

5. NIKE released the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, premiering their latest “adaptive lacing” technology (self tying shoes!). The fit changes as the activity changes. The shoe senses what the body needs in real-time. This means no more shoe tying breaks during Burpees. Sorry, FHIXers!

6. Well + Good rounded up a list of 10 meal delivery services that feed everyone from Paleo-dieters to vegans.

7. Nothing makes us happier than seeing FHIXers of all ages getting their sweat on together in class. Anyone remember Alan? Impressed? So were we. For more FHITspiration, watch this inspiring video of senior-age athletes crushing a 100-meter dash.

8. Good news, everyone! According to this article from The New York Times, chocolate can boost your workout.

9. If you’ve ever gotten your FHIX, you’ve heard “hinge at the hips” at least once. FHITpro, Simon Lawson shared with SELF magazine what that and other common cues that you hear in class actually mean.

10. You can create custom leggings in Adidas’ online store. Pick from dozens of colors and patterns, and add whatever words may motivate you through the toughest FHIXes.