Published June 30, 2017

The Sweat Scoop: June 2017










Summer ’17 is starting out with a bang for our Fhitting Room community. From celebrating a FHITfam wedding to our first ever Pride shirt to why a cool down is essential, here’s the top news that had us buzzing this June.

1. It’s wedding season and this year we celebrated one of our own! Sloan, our Marketing and Media Maven, married Greg Weber at a beachside wedding in Mexico. Their weekend even had a beachside FHIX the day before the wedding. Check out pics from their wedding here.

2. Looking to get your FHIX out East this summer? Our Hamptons classes are now open for booking. Registration opens on Sunday at 4PM for the Saturday Hamptons FHIX 13 days out. Click here to sign up. If you are looking to guarantee your FHIX out East, you can book early using a Hamptons Emerald FHIX class package starting the Thursday prior at 4PM.

3. Kettlebells are a Fhitting Room staple, and this month FHITpro, Jess Sims, broke down some signature moves for Check out her picks for beginner-friendly moves that challenge the whole body.

4. Collagen may already be on your radar for its beauty-boosting benefits, but did you know it is also a great way to boost your workouts? According to this article from MindBodyGreen, the superfood can help build stronger muscles and speed up the recovery time you need between workouts.

5. You may want to hold off on sprinting out of class immediately after the FHIX. Two top trainers explain why cooldowns are so necessary in this GOOP story.

6. If you rely on coconut oil for cooking your favorite healthy meals, you may want to reevaluate. Shape explains why some nutritionists and doctors are wary of this buzzy tropical oil and what alternatives you may want to consider favoring.

7. Need an extra push to get your workouts in this summer? This inside look at Michelle Obama’s bootcamp workout with friends is all the inspiration you’ll need to grab a friend and get your FHIX.

8. Plenty of athletes and celebrities swear by going gluten-free, but how do you know if it is something you should do? The New York Times breaks down exactly when you need to start contemplating cutting wheat protein out of your life.

9. Amazon recently bought Whole Foods and many organic foodies are wondering what this will mean for the beloved natural foods grocery chain. Check out this article if you want to learn more about how this deal will affect your weekly shopping.

10. June was Pride Month! Check out our FHITpros modeling the rainbow edition of our LIVEFHIT Tank. If you are feeling a bit of FOMO, it is not too late to buy your own, there are a few left in stock! Twenty percent of the proceeds beneFHIT the Human Rights Campaign, so you can look AND feel good. Happy Pride!