Published March 1, 2016

The Sweat Scoop: February 2016


Our FHITpros and FHIXers truly make the most of their time. Even the shortest month has been jam packed with tough workouts, FHITness fashions, healthy bites and other FHIT news. Discover our 10 favorite FHIT moments of February!

1. FHITpro, Carlos Davila, gave mindbodygreen readers a few pointers to amp up the intensity of their HIIT workout.

2. Two of The Fhitting Room’s hardest HITters, Alyssa Moeder and FHITpro, Dennys Lozada, told The Sweat Life their stories of battling cancer and finding inspiration in their FHIT community and one another.

3. We spend a borderline-inappropriate amount of time in leggings and sneakers. Luckily, with so many new designers, we now have more options then ever. Well + Good rounded up The Biggest Fitness Fashion Releases of 2016 (so far).

4. Men’s Health shared a video full of different Wrist Mobility Drills. Check them out to learn ways to decrease pain you might feel during pushups and other wrist-strenuous exercises.

5. Whether you choose to acknowledge Valentine’s Day as a holiday or not, there is no denying the chemistry between FHITpro, Amanda Butler, and her husband Pablo in Cosmopolitan’s couples-workout video. Check them out here.

6. Muscle and Fitness Hers featured this article about the strong connections between exercise and the reduction of symptoms of depression.

7. If you want to accelerate the beginning of a new clean-eating program or want some healthier meal ideas, check out this two-week menu guide from Muscle and Fitness.

8. Nike released their Stars of the Vault collection. The four pairs of kicks are recreations of some of the brands most iconic past shoes.

9. Similar to protein bars, granola can be a tricky “health” food. Many products are loaded with ingredients that seem good for you but are truly laden with more sugar than a candy bar. Thankfully, Well + Good rounded up a list of the 5 healthiest granolas you can buy.

10. The most romantic moment of 2016? FHITpros, Dennys Lozada and Farouk Houssein, gave every FHIXer a rose after class on the Wednesday before Valentine’s Day. Muscles AND sweetness?