Published August 31, 2016

The Sweat Scoop: August 2016

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August was jam-packed with fit-spiration. From watching the world’s best athletes compete in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio to our very own FHITpros shutting down the streets of New York City with Nike, to HITting it at Southampton Sweat, we’ve gathered our ten favorite FHIT moments of the month.

1. The writers over at The Guardian layed out the highs and lows of Team USA’s performance in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. From Simone Biles’ signature move to Katie Ledecky’s 11+ second lead in the 800-meter freestyle and of course, Michael Phelps securing his 23rd Olympic gold medal, there is a lot of FHITspiration to take in.

2. Wondering how Olympic athletes train? Many of them HIT it, just like us! Next time you’re ready to quit with just thirty seconds left in a FHIX, remember you’re going for gold just like an Olympian!

3. Even in times of an oversaturated athleisure market, not everyone conforms to the classic Lululemon leggings and matching sweat-wicking performance top, and we like that! Fashion blogger Leandra Medine, aka: The Man Repeller, wrote up this cheeky column on What Your Gym Clothes Say About You.

4. FHITpros Dennys Lozada and Ben Wegman joined Nike and took over 51st Street for a sweaty Saturday morning workout. They led hundreds of FHIT New Yorkers through a hard HITting FHIX. See what it means to Dennys and Ben to live Unlimited in NYC. On the same morning, FHITpros Amanda Butler and Daury Dross were serving up a fierce FHIX at Southampton Sweat! Let’s just say it was a very sweaty Saturday.

5. New York City has a little something for everyone, but if you’re a health and wellness fanatic, then NYC has a lot for you. Check out Greatist’s list of The Healthiest Spots to Visit in NYC for everything from healthy eats to the city’s best fitness studios (ahem… The Fhitting Room).

6.We all want to maximize our time in the gym, and rightfully so! Just 20 minutes of high intensity training can do great things for your body and mind, so read these 10 Tips That Will Make Your HIIT Workouts Better to get as much out of your time and energy as possible.

7. “Exercising together is a good place to start to rebuild a connection and have fun together,” says couples’ counselor Kelley Kitley in this Refinery29 article touting that working out together could be better than couples’ therapy.

8. Avoiding sugar can be more difficult than it sounds. You can find it in practically any food at the grocery store. That didn’t stop this SELF Magazine editor from attempting to eliminate all added sugars from her diet for one week.

9. People often think that upping their veggie intake is only doable in the form of ‘boring’ salads or bland vegetable dishes that will leave you feeling hungry shortly after you’ve eaten them. Lucky for us, Well + Good shares 8 creative ways to swap out the bread and pasta in your meals for something healthier and still super satisfying.

10. For some of us, getting eight hours of sleep per night seems like a laughable and distant dream. We get it – you’re New Yorkers! You’ll sleep when you’re dead! Or whenever you can squeeze in a nap. According to this article from The Atlantic, “sleeping in spurts has the appeal of productivity, but inevitably you’ll collapse in your morning oatmeal.” Read on to see why napping cannot replace a full night’s rest.