Published November 10, 2015

Our Downtown Expansion: A FHITting Location


As the inaugural group of loyal FHIXers who have helped make our first Fhitting Room location such a success, you’re also the first to get the scoop on our new downtown location! After careful planning and deliberation, our team decided that the Flatiron District would be the most FHITting location to continue our FHITness journey. Between 5th and 6th avenues, we discovered the perfect building at 31 West 19th Street where the beautiful, LARGE, open space gives us the ideal backyard for our newest FHIT playground! While New Yorkers have started to coin this neighborhood the Fitness District, we're ready to make it the FHITness District.

So, about the space: With 4,000+ square feet, we’ll have room for not one, but TWO custom designed studios. In addition to the equipment you’ve already familiarized yourself and your muscles with from our UES location, we’ll be introducing some new tools and accessories to keep each FHIX fresh, exciting and super challenging. After your workout, FHIX yourself up in one of our showers, to be fully loaded with "green" products! If you arrive early or need to catch your breath after a few too many burpees, take some time for yourself in our lounge area before jumping back into the busy bustle of city life. You'll also find towels, digital lockers, complimentary water and top notch guest relations, of course. And, if you love the intimacy of our UES studio, don't worry, we're designing our larger downtown space to maintain the same friendly feeling and FHIXer to FHITness instructor ratios will still be FHIT for lots of personalized attention!

We can’t wait to help downtowners live FHIT but we also remain committed to the foundation we’ve created here on the Upper East Side. Our expansion downtown will allow us to grow and improve upon all that we’ve already established uptown, and we promise to continue to deliver the best-in-class client service, never easy but always attainable workouts, and highly personalized instruction and coaching wherever we are!