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Meet our Black History Month Spotlight Athletes

February 4, 2022

This year we are celebrating Black History Month by honoring inspirational Black athletes who have had a profound impact in our world and supporting the philanthropic organizations created by these trailblazers and their families. Our team has chosen 4 incredible athletes to spotlight including Allyson Felix, Muhammad Ali, Misty Copeland, and Jackie Robinson. Every Monday starting February 7th, our in-studio classes will be inspired by these Black athletes who have changed the game and the In Studio class programming will incorporate how to train for their sport. We’ll also be having a virtual beneFHIT class on 2/26 at 10 am with 100% of proceeds going to our spotlight athlete’s charities. Learn more about these amazing humans below.

Allyson Felix: 

Felix is a track + field Olympic athlete. She was the first female track and field athlete to ever win seven Olympic gold medals and the most decorated female athlete in her sport. In addition to being a remarkable athlete, she is known for her maternal advocacy. After a difficult pregnancy, she testified before the United States House Committee on Ways and Means regarding the racial bias in our maternal health care system. She was also a major part of getting Nike to alter their maternal policy. Recently, she partnered with Athleta and The Women’s Sports Foundation to create the Power of She Fund: Childcare grants, which has committed $200,000 to help fund child care costs for athletes who are mothers, while they are traveling to competitions. To help support other mother athletes you can support this cause by donating here

Muhammad Ali:

Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer and social activist. He is an Olympic gold medalist and was the world heavyweight boxing champion. Throughout his life he was an advocate for racial justice. He helped set the example of the power that athletes have to create important social and political change. Ali, along with a handful of other athletes founded Athlete’s For Hope, an organization that helps athletes who want to give back but don’t know where to begin.  

Misty Copeland: 

Misty Copeland has made history as the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. She recently wrote a children’s book which tells the stories of revolutionary Black ballerinas who came before her. She wants to pave the way so young Black ballerinas know they belong. Copeland works with a non-profit called Mind Leaps that creates educational paths for vulnerable children through a creative arts program. She provides a voice for these youths through Mind Leaps’ International Artists Fund.

Jackie Robinson:

Jackie Robinson was the first the first African American to play in the MLB and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962. When he joinined the Dodgers in 1947, he broke the color barrier in baseball, challenging racial segregation. His wife started the Jackie Robinson Foundation to honor his legacy. This non-profit  administers scholarship and leadership development programs for minority college students.

Want  to support these incredible causes? Donate to register for our beneFHIT class.

Train like an athlete; change the game. 

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