Published November 10, 2015

From FHIXer to New FHIT Team Member: Welcome Kevin!


After graduating from NYU with bachelors and masters degrees in education AND earning his JD, Kevin began working a traditional desk job. For a while he was unable to exercise, and quickly became unFHIT. Looking to get back in shape without spending countless hours at the gym every day, Kevin discovered The Fhitting Room® last April. Ever since his first FHIX™ with Eric and Daury (and Jess) he’s been hooked, (even if he frequently contemplated hitting the "Cancel this class" button when he first started!). Thanks to TFR's fast paced and constantly changing workouts with amazing instructors, he's lost the extra weight, gained muscle and is living an overall more FHIT™ lifestyle. When he's not getting after HIT at TFR, Kevin is flexing his brain muscles as a post-bacc student in pre-health studies.

We asked Kevin if he could design a FHIX™, what would it look like?

Kevin’s “I Believe I Can Fly” FHIX™:

2x (1 min each station)
1) Row for calories (15+)
2) Squat thrust with KB high pull- alternating arms
3) DB shadow boxing
4) My favorite: Box Jumps (I always have R Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" playing in my head while doing them...)