Published November 10, 2015

Dare to FHIX with Dara? Meet Our Dynamic New FHIT Instructor!


As our newest FHIT instructor, Dara combines her impressive background in performance and a lifetime commitment to fitness to deliver a DYNAMITE FHIX that will keep you both physically and emotionally engaged throughout! Check out her full professional bio here and read this fun Q&A to find out what to expect next time you FHIX with Dara!

What was your first FHIX experience?
My first FHIX was a class led by Eric and Daury--who wouldn't get hooked?? I remember thinking I'd never, ever worked out so hard, and I couldn't wait to come back!

What is your ideal NYC Saturday day and night?
Ideal day-exit NYC and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach with my family. Ideal night--pass the kids to their favorite sitter and go out with my husband! Most nights are chill--dinner and a movie, but we still love to go dancing, and I always love a Broadway show!

If you can't get to TFR, how do you get your FHIX?
Here's an image--me in the hotel gym on vacation in Naples Florida (they actually had kettlebells!)--elder folk on treadmills staring at the crazy lady swinging KB's and doing burpees and DB thrusters--breathing heavily and sweating profusely. I've also been spotted jumping rope and doing pushups by the boat pond in Central Park.

Where do you get your FHIT tunes to FHIX to? What are some favorites?
Spotify! My taste runs the gamut, really. I love a good pop song with strong female vocals--Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and I love old school hip hop--Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Notorious B.I.G., plus throwback rock like Jane's Addiction and Faith No More.

Favorite food for getting your sugar FHIX? Where do you get it?
I'm a cookie girl. I will travel to the West Side just for a Levain Bakery cookie. Insomnia Cookies is also ridiculously good--their peanut butter cookies are my fave.

If you could do burpees alongside one celebrity (living or dead) who would it be? 
Jimmy Fallon. I like to laugh when I work out. So we wouldn't be side by side, we'd face one another and we would high five at the jump.

What's one fitness fashion trend you don't understand?
Can I say compression socks without insulting anyone I know? I guess it's not really a trend as much as a tool--but I would rather force my calves to suffer. Let's just say I haven't worn knee socks since it was regulation gym wear in elementary school...

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Sushi. Assuming the mercury levels in our oceans go down and soy sauce wouldn't bloat me.

Top 3 guilty pleasures?
1-Massage. Although now that I'm an instructor I can call a massage an essential recovery, job requirement.
2-Manicures. Wouldn't you rather look at painted nails while holding a plank?
3-Breaking Bad. My current series obsession. It was Mad Men but then that ended! I like to watch it all on Netflix so I can go immediately from one episode to the next!

Be sure to introduce yourself to Dara (unless you already know her from her frequent FHIXing) and if you dare, take a FHIX with her!