Published November 10, 2015

The FHIT Team Breaks Down Which Olympic Sports They Would Compete In


Our FHIT team reveals the reasons behind their Olympic picks!

JAVA: "I would medal in freestyle skiing: aerials. It combines speed and gymnastics in the most extreme way. But if Ski Ballet was still an Olympic sport I would definitely do's magical!

ERIC: "I would like to medal in speed skating. The adrenaline would be crazy and almost like sprinting over fast. I'm a sprinter, it's in my wheel house and it's all legs. I mean have you seen the legs on those athletes? Great, great legs...straight up massive, powerful legs: Quad-zilla!"

JESSICA: "I actually used to race slalom growing up and the adrenaline rush was unreal!"

AMANDA: "Bobsledding. It would be a huge rush to go that fast. Cool Runnings, mon!"

JULIA: "In the past I would have maybe said figure skating...but now I think ice hockey would be awesome and those girls are super athletic!"

DAURY: "Snowboarding. I think it would be wild to be able to to do all those tricks and crazy high jumps while strapped into a piece of equipment!"

ALEX: "Curling. I'm pretty sure I would be great at it."

and of course FREDI: "I would do the opening ceremonies. I'd be just like that girl in the white dress that got to walk on people in the Sochi opening ceremonies."

This "Gold-Medal Body Challenge" from Self Magazine provides a ton of awesome exercises to help us get FHIT for the 2018 Olympics. Each day of the Olympic events in Sochi, Self unlocks new moves inspired by different Winter Olympic events. And it just so happens that most of those exercises are executed everyday right here at TFR in our FHIXes!