Published November 13, 2015

power. strength. love. mom. - Michelle


We celebrate FHIT moms all year long at The Fhitting Room, but in honor of Mother’s day, we are spotlighting some of our amazing pre- and post-natal “MotherFHIXers” on our blog this week.  What’s a “Mother FHIXer?”

motherFHIXer  [muhth–er fik-ser]  noun: the epitome of strength, endurance and power. source of unconditional love.

Our next “MotherFHIXer,” Michelle, is a FHIT mom who started coming to TFR 15 months after baby #1.  Prior to TFR, Michelle mostly did cardio based workouts, and found herself looking for something to kick those last few pounds.  Now, a regular FHIXer, she now feels proud of her strength and is ready for baby #2!

Did you start coming to TFR pre/post baby?
I started coming to TFR post first baby and pre second baby.

How has getting your FHIX helped make your pregnancy easier?
I worked out during my first pregnancy, but I didn’t do much strength training.  Since I have been going to TFR before and during my second pregnancy I have become so much stronger.  I am able to keep up with my 2 year old without feeling totally sluggish like I did when I was pregnant with him!  My legs and back are so much stronger which helps me carry my 2 year old without feeling like I'm going to keel over!

How has getting your FHIX post baby helped to change your body?
When I had my first child, I had a very difficult time losing the baby weight.  I was very active and I worked out my entire pregnancy and although I thought I was eating right I still managed to gain almost 50 pounds.  I could not get rid of the last 10-12 pounds for the life of me.  I tried everything, even went to numerous doctors.  When my son was 15 months old, I started going to TFR.  As soon as I changed my diet and workout routine to include more HIIT instead of mostly cardio, I noticed a change almost immediately.  For the first time in my life, I was able to do pull ups!  I went from being in the WORST shape of my life to being in the BEST shape within months of coming to TFR.  I was always a little self conscious of my arms, and now I am so proud of how strong they are.

How often do you get your FHIX?
I live in Gramercy, so before the Flatiron location opened up I was going once a week to the 80th St. location.  When Flatiron opened, I would go with my husband on the weekends.  If I weren’t so pregnant now I would be going much more often!

What’s your favorite exercise move we do at TFR and why?
I can’t just choose one!  I love just about everything!  I have a love/hate relationship with the rowing machine because I hate how I feel after I do it, but I know its making serious changes in my body.  I love the kettlebells because they have helped make me so much stronger and have helped improve my posture.  I also love Tabata intervals because it gets my heart going and it’s a great way to start the class.

Do you feel like you still get a full workout when you work out while pregnant now?  What kind of modifications do you do?
Absolutely!  Its obviously much harder for me to do a lot of the movements, but I just do them with lighter weights and am very careful about over-doing it and raising my heart rate.  If there's something that I should not be doing, such as planks with the TRX bands, burpees, or sit-ups; I modify and do a wall squat, squat thrusts, or knee push ups.  I would also give Eric a heads up when I was coming to his class so he would try to not include things that I would need to modify.

Any tips you have learned along the way for new moms that are looking for a new workout?
Yes, do not be scared to try something new and different. It can look intimidating from the outside, but once you're in, the trainers really make a point to make you feel welcome and comfortable.  I have been to most of the boutique gyms in the city, but this is the only place where I have worked out in NYC where I see significant results.  By adding mostly weight and resistance training into my workout regimen, I have become so much stronger and energized.

How else has getting your FHIX changed you (ie- not necessarily physical)?
I have accepted the "strong is the new skinny" mantra.  I know that I will never be a size 0 with a thigh gap, but that's o.k.  I have worked out alongside people of all shapes and sizes and we are all there for the same purpose, to make ourselves stronger; and a side effect of it is also becoming happier and healthier.