Published November 13, 2015

power. strength. love. mom. - Kari


We celebrate FHIT moms all year long at The Fhitting Room, but in honor of Mother’s day, we are spotlighting some of our amazing pre- and post-natal “MotherFHIXers” on our blog this week.  What’s a “Mother FHIXer?”

motherFHIXer  [muhth–er fik-ser]  noun: the epitome of strength, endurance and power. source of unconditional love.

Our last “MotherFHIXer,” and FHIT Founder of Fhitting Room, Kari, is a FHIT mom who started Fhitting Room as a way to combine the best elements of group fitness with the best elements of personal training.

Did you start coming to TFR pre/post baby?  
TFR unfortunately didn’t exist when I had my babies. However, had I never had babies, I’m not sure TFR would exist at all, as I started doing high intensity functional training workouts with a personal trainer as a means to lose baby weight after having my first son seven and a half years ago.

How has getting your FHIX helped make your pregnancy easier?
Since I started my HIT workouts after having my older son, I continued HIT workouts and strength training during my pregnancy with my second son. While I had horrible morning sickness at the beginning of both of my pregnancies, I also had the most amazing third trimester. At the point when many other expecting mothers start feeling terribly uncomfortable, I felt strong, well conditioned and toned. In fact, I felt like a bit of a badass doing full workouts while sporting a 9-month big baby bump. It was empowering.

How has getting your FHIX post baby helped to change your body?
Anyone who as ever read the Our Story page of The Fhitting Room’s website knows that getting my FHIX has put me in the best shape I’ve ever been in. My arms are more toned, my stomach is flatter, my legs are lean but muscular. In addition, there are so many emotional benefits to taking time out of a busy child-centric schedule to do something good for yourself. Getting my FHIX makes me feel strong/capable, and being at The Fhitting Room surrounded by our community of amazing FHIXers and FHITpros makes me happy. Not to mention, HIT has many scientifically proven short and long term health benefits.

How often do you get your FHIX?
3-4x times a week.

What’s your favorite exercise move we do at TFR and why?
Burpee box jumps, kettlebell swings, dumbbell thrusters and dumbbell snatches because I can feel my entire body engage in these movements and can feel myself building cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength simultaneously.

Did you feel like you still got a full workout when you worked out while pregnant?  What kind of modifications did you do?
I did HIT training only during my second pregnancy. I did miss some of the cardio benefits of non-modified HIT workouts since it’s not healthy to sustain an elevated heart rate for a long period of time during pregnancy, but I certainly felt like I had full workouts, and I bounced back into my pre-pregnancy clothing and weight quickly. I did a lot of work on my transverse abs during pregnancy and didn’t do all-out Tabata intervals. All of this was a big contrast from my first pregnancy during which I did only pre-natal yoga, which provided me a great opportunity to stretch and get in tune with my body and my baby, but it took me close to 6 months to feel fully back to my pre-pregnancy self.

Any tips you have learned along the way for new moms out there looking for a new workout?
Everyone’s pregnancy is different, but if you have clearance from your doctor, there’s no reason not to workout during pregnancy. Be sure to train with someone who is experienced with pre- and post-natal exercise, as there are certain body positions and exercises you should not be doing at different points in the pregnancy. You want to be safe but active.

What first brought you to TFR?
Someone had to be the first FHIXer.