Published April 12, 2018

Meet Fitness Inspiration + Wonder Woman, Gina Cavallo

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As a loyal member of our community, Gina Cavallo has proven herself to be an inspiration to all of us at Fhitting Room. Gina has been a loyal FHIXer since we first opened our doors on the Upper East Side. When she’s not busy burpee-ing and box jumping, Gina spends her time working in the fast-paced world of digital media and volunteering with the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society (LLS). She is currently running for the organization’s Woman of the Year, raising money to support blood cancer research.

Learn more about Gina in her Q+A below, and find out what makes this Wonder Woman tick. Then, donate to her cause, and help Gina win Woman of the Year! 

1. How long have you been FHIXing at Fhitting Room?     
I’ve been a loyal FHIXer since you opened the doors on the Upper East Side.

2. What keeps you coming back?     
The blend of educated and engaging personalities of the instructors and the challenging class programming. Also, Kari has instilled a great culture and energy into the studios and her employees, which is evident when you walk into every studio. It’s always a welcoming and positive environment.

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3. How does fitness influence the rest of your life?     
Fitness fuels my lifestyle. I am usually up 6 AM every morning and working out no later than 7 AM at a boutique studio with a client or training with my trainer. I start my day with more energy and a clear mind as I enter the rollercoaster of the digital media industry. Additionally, fitness is a large part of how I do business. I started taking clients (as I work in ad tech) to fitness classes over 8 years ago before the fitness boom; there was one SoulCycle and only a handful of healthy ways to entertain. Fitness helped me shape my identity and reputation as a leader within fit entertainment and within the media and advertising landscape.


4. How did you first get involved with the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society?     
My close friend and Leukemia survivor, Joshua Lite, and one of my regular FHIXing buddies nominated me [for Woman of the Year] as someone he felt could rally the fitness community around the cause.

5. What made you decide to run for LLS’s Woman of the Year?     
My grandmother was diagnosed when I first started my career in late 2005.  I grew up in Westchester, NY with two working parents and my grandmother a mile down the road. She took me to school every day, cooked dinner, packed lunches, and was an ever-present figure in my upbringing. It was almost as if I had a third parent helping to raise me and my younger sister.  When she was diagnosed, I waited to move into Manhattan as it was certain that the Leukemia would shut down her body slowly over time and that we had around 6 months left to spend with her. I held off my move and started driving back and forth from Manhattan every day with the support of amazing managers who let me leave early in order to make visiting hours.  I am so grateful for that time, and I am running to honor her memory and raise money for the cause.

6. What are you hoping to gain from your potential Woman of the Year win?     
My goal is to win. Clearly, as a former athlete, I am hyper-competitive. But, I would be happy with raising the minimum requirement to fund a research study in my grandmother’s memory.

7. Between your charity work, your full-time job, and your social life, how do you find the time for working out?     
It’s not an easy balance to strike, especially when you add in that most weeks I am out of town traveling for work either in the US or overseas. My drive and commitment to staying fit and to my lifestyle keeps me accountable when traveling and ensuring I get up and either use the hotel gym, explore a new city by running, or look up the local boutique fitness culture and check out a new class native to that city. When I am in NY, I have my routine of classes I love to take (including Fhitting Room, Barry’s Bootcamp, Shadowbox, and Body Space Fitness) and still invite my advertising clients some mornings to join me and start the day off together knocking out a great workout.

8. What does fitness mean to you?     
Fitness, to me, is being able to be mobile, agile, energetic, and healthy well into my older years. I work so hard now so that I have a better quality of life now and as I get older. I still want to be able to do those 24-inch box jumps and battle ropes with grey hair and a six pack.