Published June 3, 2019

It Started With A Hashtag.


When we saw frequent FHIXer, Heather’s selfie post (with hashtag #bodybyfhittingroom), we had to feature her as our June FHITspiration. Heather began FHIXing with us at our first studio on 80th Street. Thousands of squat jumps,, countless burpees, and 600 FHIXes later, she has completely transformed, inside and out. From mastering the box jump, to her newfound body confidence, Heather has the ultimate Fhitting Room journey! Read on to learn more about this fierce FHIT female, a true poster child for living FHIT.


1. How long have you been coming to Fhitting Room
I started going to Fhitting Room back in 2015 at the original studio on the Upper East Side. 

2. What first brought you in? 
I think I actually stumbled across Fhitting Room through ClassPass. I was trying to branch out and find something that made me want to keep coming back. I used to do a lot of spin classes, but I didn’t feel like I was getting the results I was looking for and needed something that pushed me a little more. Fhitting Room had great reviews, so I figured I’d give it a try!

3. What keeps you coming back? 
There are a lot of things that keep me coming back.  First of all, I find the community at Fhitting Room to be so warm and welcoming. It really starts at the front desk and extends all the way to the instructors and the people who take classes. It’s not cliquey or exclusive; everyone makes you feel comfortable, no matter what level you’re at or how often you come.

Also, I feel like they really look out for your wellness, whether it be modifications, correcting my form, or pushing me to select a heavier weight. I could write paragraphs about how each and every instructor inspires me and helps me and makes me want to be the best version of myself. I remember when I decided to celebrate my birthday in a class at 12:30 on a Monday and the amount of instructors and staff at Fhitting Room who took the time to come to that class and workout with me… it’s the little things like that which really set Fhitting Room apart.
Heather Ticotin 11

4. Are there moves that you can do now that you struggled with in the beginning? 
The first time I took class at the original studio, I attempted to do a box jump, landed on the edge of the box and it flipped into my face. From that point on, I was petrified to do a box jump and didn’t try again for years! Now, I can do a box jump and land on one leg, which is insane to me. I also couldn’t do burpees due to a weak wrist issue, and now I can do those as well!

5. What’s your favorite movement, and why? 
It’s so hard to choose. I love any form of a deadlift. I love med ball slams because they’re great to get some stress out. And I really love box jumps, probably because every time I do one, it makes me realize how far I’ve come!

6. How do you stay motivated?
It’s not hard to stay motivated when you are genuinely excited to go to your workout. I love the instructors, I love everyone that works there (from front desk to behind the scenes) and I love the people I take class with. Every instructor at Fhitting Room has brought something positive to my life, whether it be the smallest modification to make a movement even more challenging, or encouraging me to push myself harder than I ever thought possible. They all seem to genuinely care about your progress and take the time outside of class to check in or encourage me via social media. It’s impossible NOT to be motivated!
Heather Ticotin 8

7. Can you describe your relationship with fitness? 
What’s funny is I thought that was I gym buff back when I was going to spin four times a week and/or I’d take a class at Crunch. But I never saw a change like I see now. There is a huge difference between working out because you feel like you have to or because you like to eat unhealthy foods and working out because you genuinely enjoy it. I went from having a relationship where I felt like I had to workout to a relationship where I WANT to workout!

8. Do you have a go-to FHITpro duo?
This is the hardest question because I love so many of the instructors! I have a really soft spot for Carlos and Farouk together. They’re two of my favorites and two of the major reasons why I started coming so much in the first place. Also, Benjamin Wegman teaching with basically anyone. He is a true angel.

Heather Ticotin 1

9. What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of coming in for their first FHIX
I would say that four years ago when I first started coming, I used the lightest kettlebells and I couldn’t do a box jump or a burpee. Even two years ago, if you had asked me if I could do what I’m doing today, I would have never said yes! So, for anyone who’s thinking about going to their first FHIX but feels intimidated or unmotivated: Go once. Then go again. Then go 600 more times. 

If you find something you love, it’s a lot easier to motivate yourself to do it. And it’s really easy to love Fhitting Room. Also, listen to your instructors. They’re there to help! Spend less time talking about doing the workout and more time focusing on DOING the workout, and doing it correctly. And... put your kettlebells away correctly. Please. 🙏

10. What is it about group fitness? 
I like group fitness because I like being challenged. I need to be encouraged and handed a heavier weight. I need people cheering me on, but also making sure I’m challenging myself and really pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Plus, fitness is more fun with friends! 

11. How has Fhitting Room helped you achieve your goals? 
Fhitting Room makes me happy. And I think anyone’s goal in life is really just to be happy. I have always hated cardio and now I’m not fazed by the thought of rowing for four minutes or getting on an assault bike. 

I want to push myself harder for me and because there are people in that room teaching me who I feel like are genuinely rooting for me. I feel like they really care, and that’s an amazing feeling. Each and every instructor inspires me and motivates me in a different way. Even the newer instructors are constantly pushing me and handing me kettlebells I never even thought to use!

12. How does fitness influence the rest of your life? 
I’ve become one of those people who makes sure to carve out time in my day to work out because it’s important to me and because I want to. I try to get to a class five times a week and I will shift my schedule around to make sure that happens. If I can’t go at night, I will even wake up early to make sure I get a workout in... and I’m not a morning person. Also, I’ve met some really great people through fitness who I consider to be friends. I’m grateful for that as well.

13. Has Fhitting Room impacted your day-to-day life?
I think Fhitting Room has made me a more confident person, overall. I definitely carry myself better and I’ve been making more of an effort to dress better and look better. It’s a combination of being happier and more comfortable with the way I look in my own skin and having more confidence.  
Heather Ticotin 10

14. You’ve taken 600 classes with us! How does that feel? Surreal!