Published November 13, 2015

How Fhitting Room Changed One Client's Life


If you follow FHITpro, Daury Dross on Instagram, then you may have seen his post about FHIXer Amanda Levine a few weeks ago.  Amanda recently celebrated her one year anniversary of HITting it with us.  Amanda’s journey to #liveFHIT inspired us to share.










Before Amanda found the Fhitting Room, she had not been able to find an exercise routine that she liked enough to stick with it. She ate what she wanted and never worried about her weight. It was not until she moved to NYC after college that she realized she needed to make a change. To get in shape, Amanda decided to start HITting it at The Fhitting Room where she discovered a workout she loved that helped her shed an incredible 50 pounds while building her strength and gaining confidence along the way. Now, a year after her first FHIX, Amanda opens up about how she lost 50 pounds.

What made you decide to change?
I gained all my weight after college, from age 23-27. I was overweight for a few years and it wasn’t a way of life. I was miserable and decided to do something about it.


How did you find The Fhitting Room?
When I moved to New York City, I tried running, yoga, swimming, spin, different gym memberships, literally everything. I would go for three weeks, then stop and try the next thing because nothing stuck! It was not until 8 years later after a friend suggested trying HIIT workouts that I found The Fhitting Room.

When was your first FHIX?
April of 2014. It was a Tuesday night class with Daury and Jason. I got to the studio and was terrified. I had to step out right before class to call my best friend in tears because I was panicked. After getting over my fear, I went into the studio and met Daury and Jason who warmly welcomed me and made me feel comfortable and safe. Before I knew it the class was over and I knew this was something I wanted to do again.

I started going one or two times a week after my first class and by the end of August I found myself religiously going 4 times a week. I finally found a workout that worked for me.

What are the best things about losing weight?   
I now appreciate looking into a mirror again! Not to mention my whole new wardrobe; I have a box of about 27 pairs jeans, while it is unnecessary and excessive to have that many jeans, I love that I can wear all 27 of them.

What would you say or advise other women who are struggling and want to do what you have done?
Don’t stop trying to find something that works because it exists.  Don’t give up.

How has The Fhitting Room changed your life?
The Fhitting Room makes me happy. It is 50 minutes I don’t think about anything else. While I am there I want to do better. I want to use the heavier weight. I want to be able to do more. And the instructors are the best people in the world. Every single one is amazing. This is where I'm supposed to exercise, release my energy, and gain strength. It's a feeling I've longed for but have never found... until now. Simply put, I love it.


The Fhitting Room has helped me find my "groove." Certain types of exercise aren't for everyone, and I totally understand that. But Fhitting Room is my thing.