Published July 18, 2017

FHITspiration: Hillery Williams Drops 90lbs for Her Wedding


Bride-to-be Hillery Williams is taking the idea of “sweating for the wedding” to the next level! This frequent FHIXer has lost 90 pounds in the months leading up to her walk down the aisle. Keep reading to learn more about her fitness journey, the emotional and mental benefits she reaps from getting her FHIX, and her biggest accomplishments so far!

When are you getting married?
July 22
nd at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, a gorgeous vineyard in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Tell us about your first FHIXperience. Were you already engaged? Did getting engaged change your workout routine at all?
I had been engaged for about 8 months when I first experienced Fhitting Room. One of my best friends, who has been a constant source of motivation, encouragement, and inspiration for me throughout my struggles with weight and working out said she had the perfect class for me. I, of course, had head about Fhitting Room but was terrified because I didn't think I was in good enough shape to survive the class.

I had been working out and eating well leading up to my engagement and then of course leading up to “F day” (the day Fhitting Room came into my life), but I wasn’t as focused or determined as I knew I needed to be, since I was hoping to lose a significant amount of weight before my wedding. I survived the class (barely) but absolutely loved it. I walked out feeling inspired, excited and SORE. The next few days, I could barely walk… a sign of an amazing workout, and I knew I had found my workout jam.

Fhitting Room pushes me to my limits and helps me stay focused throughout my weight loss journey and pre wedding routine. Did getting engaged change my workout routine? HELL YES. There is no better motivation than thinking about wearing a white dress in front of all your friends and family and saying ‘I Do’ to your best friend. I mean… who doesn’t want to look AMAZING in photos.

But in all seriousness, this is something that I have been battling my whole life, so when Fhitting Room came into my life and I started to see results, I was hooked. I have never felt stronger mentally, physically or emotionally, and with two months left to go, I know I will be so proud of myself when I walk down that aisle.

While getting your FHIX in preparation for your wedding, what has been your biggest FHIT accomplishment?
When I mastered box jumps for the first time, I CRIED. I AM NOT JOKING. It took me months to be able to do that, and now I can crush them. I’ve increased my kettle bell weights, and I know that I can handle any class. That is actually my biggest accomplishment. No matter how difficult the class is, I know I can do it. I didn’t feel that way when I started.

What is your favorite workout move learned at Fhitting Room? Is there anything you’ve mastered that you originally thought you were not capable of doing?
Favorite workout move -- loaded question haha. I love the rowing machine and any circuit that is partner based. I like having a buddy cheering me on constantly, which brings me back to my team sports days. I NEVER thought I could handle the assault bikes; while I wouldn’t say I am good at them, I do my best and always feel completely beat after that session (sign of a good workout, right?)

How has getting your FHIX helped you mentally prepare for your wedding?
It has helped me become more confident and frankly happier. I’ve had a lifelong battle with my weight, and I finally feel like I am in a great place. It allows me to take all my frustrations, stress and anxiety out on the mat. I leave with a clean and sound mind.

Does your fiancé come to Fhitting Room as well? If so, do you ever come together?
My fiancé has come to a couple of classes with me. It’s my dream to work out together ALL THE TIME, but we tend to have different workout preferences. However, if I sign us up, he’s coming with! After all, he needs to get in wedding shape too, right?

Any lessons you've learned at Fhitting Room that you're hoping to carry over in your new role as a Mrs.?
Patience, perseverance, confidence and teamwork.  

How will you fit in getting your FHIX as a newlywed?
I’m hooked. I’m not going anywhere. While I may not continue my intense food regimen or two-a-day workouts, Fhitting Room will always be a staple in my weekly workout routine.