Published November 10, 2015

Playlists + Plateaus: Q&A with Fhitting Room Trainers Ben + Eric


Aside from our vibrant bright green facade, our energy sparks from our All-Star cast of group FHITness instructors. Each of our instructors are unique and bring experiences from all walks of life: from professional dancing and modeling to olympic weightlifting and tattoo parlors. It’s no surprise that we caught the attention of some of NYC’s FHITtest enthusiasts around.

Recently an anonymous blogger from dropped in for one of our classes. Not only did she love the FHIX, she also fell hard for two of our FHIT & fab trainers. Read on to find out more about this HIT duo:


What's on your playlist? 
ACDC - Hells Bells
Marc Anthony- Ahora Quien
David Guetta- She Wolf

Who are you outside of fitness?
I am an active crossfittter/coach at Metropolis. I am a wacky and crazy father when I’m with my kids. I enjoy drawing as a hobby and I’m a lover of art. I’m a restaurant carnivore who loves to eat out at different restaurants all over NYC.

Name your top three guilty pleasures:
1. Levain Bakery Cookies
2. Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter
3. Platano Maduro (sweet plantains)

Best advice for overcoming a plateau:
If you always do what you like to do and what you’re good at, you will never achieve or overcome a plateau. For example, I love running but had a fear of swimming, so just as any normal person would do, I signed up for the NYC triathlon. It forced me to learn how to swim very quickly. My advice get out of your comfort zone by trying a new workout or class.

Which celebrity would you love to whip into shape?
I think most celebrities are in pretty good shape, however there is one I would love to train- Jessica Simpson. She once had an amazing body. I would love to be the trainer to get her body back!

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What's on your playlist?
Beyonce- Why don’t you love me (sick mashups) Scream & Shout
Azealia Banks- 1991
Comeback Kid- Sleigh Bells
TLC- Cry

Who are you outside of fitness?
The proud papa of a new puppy named Bear. A New Yorker addict. A Bikram Yoga junkie. A nature lover and hiker. A yatzhee champion.

Name your top three guilty pleasures:
1. Magnolia’s Bakery banana cream pudding
2. All things chocolate (especially brownies)
3. Taylor Swift (guilty as charged)

Best advice for overcoming a plateau:
Keep your eyes on the prize. No one ever reached their goal by giving up when the terrain got difficult.

Which celebrity would you love to whip into shape?
I think she might actually whip me into shape, but I just want to do some burpees with Michelle Obama.

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