Published November 10, 2015

Celebrate Father's Day with Fhitting Room


When it comes to men, ESPN, a grill, and a cold brew are the FHIXings for a perfect day. To combat these macho indulgences, many FHIT, health conscious males schedule in a pump sesh at their local gym, but the latest uprise in boutique fitness classes has thrown a monkey wrench into these once routine sessions.

The booming boutique fitness industry (not quite the stereotypical Richard Simmons/Jane Fonda group fitness of the past) has caught the attention of many - especially men who work long hours, have various commitments outside of work, and need that crucial sweat sesh to function properly. In honor of Father’s Day, we sat down with our dedicated FHIT Fathers who always find time to tie a FHIX into their busy schedule.

Steven Faigen, “motivated Dad but a less motivated exerciser,” divulged that the number of comments his two girls and wife make about “daddy’s tummy” have decreased. “Looking back, I can say it is one of the smarter fitness decisions I have made in a long time.”

A friendly man-to-man challenge brought A.M. to The Fhitting Room and now he is hooked. He gets his FHIX on in our green-laden spring-loaded floor studio, rather than a typical gym,  because “it’s a more intense workout, misery loves company, and the instructors are great.”

J.O., a 1x/week FHIXer has now stepped up his game (not to mention his strength and endurance) and is proudly “challenging” himself at the mercy of our instructors 2x a week.

Cheers to our FHIT Fathers! Their commitment to FHITing it all in amazes us!