Published August 3, 2019

How One Woman Found A New FHITfriend And Career...At Fhitting Room


Bari Goldman knew she was going to love Fhitting Room when her friend explained "it's a less boring" class. What Bari didn't know was that Fhitting Room would lead her to personal growth, fulfillment and a new career. 

How long have you been FHIXing with us?
I just completed my 550th FHIX -- I started right before flatiron opened so in the winter of 2014.

What first brought you to Fhitting Room?

A friend of mine had taken a FHIT class at a pop up in the Hamptons -- she, knowing I was always looking for “less boring” classes that were challenging suggested I check it out. 

Bari 1What keeps you coming back?

So much! I’d say primarily the community and the results I see. From my first FHIX I felt comfortable in the studio and I always appreciated how well the instructors knew me and challenged me. I love a challenge so every time Daury or Carlos ups my weight it's a new reason to work harder!

How has Fhitting Room helped you achieve your #fitnessgoals?

Fhitting room made me like weights! It brought me to my personal trainer, Lacee (the kettlebell queen), and made me actually enjoy my workouts. Going there and being able to swing a 28kg kettlebell is a rush. Workouts finally became more than superficial 

Do you have a favorite FHITpro duo? Or class time?

Hard to pick a favorite! I’m a Flatiron girl and I almost always do 6am so I tend to only see the OGs…. Eric, Mel, Daury, Carlos, Ben, Dennys, Rich, I could go on forever with the good ones

You met someone at Fhitting Room who lead you to your current job. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes! Fhitting Room led to my career renaissance. I’ve been working in finance my whole career and had spent the last eight years on a trading desk. While I’ve always liked my job, I was starting to think about what could be next that would interest me. Working in a job like that is high pressure and high stress which can be exciting but also wears on you. I had trouble figuring out what would be a challenging and interesting next step. A fellow FHIXer (who I met through the Fhitting Room) and I would often debate this in trying to help each other figure what exactly we should do with our lives -- in her own job search she stumbled across a fellow Wisconsin alumni who was looking for a new head of Business Development. Originally, she was looking at the role herself but as it turns out, it wasn't quite the right fit for her. Knowing my personality and my restlessness in my current role, she introduced me to the firm thinking I might be a better fit for the job. It's probably one of the most selfless things anyone could do when they themselves are looking for a job!

Bari 3What led you to change careers?

There wasn't one thing that led to the change. I wanted to stay in the finance world but my other role wasn't challenging me anymore, and I wanted to find something that would be additive to my experience. It took me awhile to figure out what was next mostly because I wanted it to be a change that would enhance my career trajectory and one i would grow in for awhile. I also wanted to be able to take 6am FHIXes but thats a whole other story. :)

What are you doing in your current role?

So far so good! Its been a total lifestyle shift for me -- this is the first time I've ever had an office! The role has presented different challenges in adjusting to the slower pace and longer sales cycle but at the core my job is to network and talk to people, and I’ve been loving having the ability to get out and rebrand us while learning tons and meeting all sorts of people.

How did Fhitting Room help you discover this new career path?

Taking classes at Flatiron becomes social to some extent as we all tend to keep the same schedule and I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some great people both through the trainers and through partner FHIXes! Without Fhitting Room, I never would have been introduced to this new world of private wealth. Fhitting Room and my personal training sessions also just contribute to confidence -- if I deadlift double 28kg kettlebells in the AM, I feel like the day will be good.

What networking advice can you give to others who may want to switch careers, but aren’t sure where to start?

Talk to anyone and everyone!! I never for one second thought a gym would help me find a new job but in all the outreach, LinkedIn messages, and networking I did, a “gym friend” is who led me to the new gig. People always tell me it's hard to start the convo and I always say, find an “in” or a common ground. In my job now I'm forced to do that with everyone so I get a lot of practice. It can be anything -- where you went to school, where you grew up, where you ate dinner last night, but even more so where you work out!