Published November 10, 2015

2014 Super Bowl Predictions + Snacks for Your Viewing Party


The month of February is always marked by one particular highly competitive, highly publicized athletic event that consumes much of our attention and conversation, the Super Bowl. This year, the action happens to be taking place right in our own backyard. And on top of the fact that the biggest sporting event of the year is coming to NYC, February 2014 will also be defined by the gathering of international spectators to watch, cheer, and of course comment on everything Sochi. Even if you’re not the biggest football fan, or you hate skiing, mostly everyone can find something or someone to cheer for this February.

For all of us who won’t be playing this Sunday or participating in the opening ceremony next Friday, we can still draw from the FHITspiration of all the amazing athletes who are competing and focus on taking our own FHITness to the next level. Completing a FHIX and committing yourself to that all-out effort for 50 minutes, is an athletic achievement in and of itself. In order to celebrate the athlete in all of us as dedicated FHIXers and HIT enthusiasts, we’re talking Super Bowl predictions, and game-time snacking, Fhitting Room style.

We gathered our team of football “experts” to gain some insight on what to expect for this Sunday’s matchup between the Broncos and the Seahawks. We also asked for any tips on more FHIT™ indulging during the game. Here’s what we got:

AMANDA: My pick is BRONCOS 28-17! Love me some football! My go-to football snacks and beverages are Michelob Ultra and veggie trays...crunchy and delightful! For these, I have a great spinach and artichoke dip that I make which is a "healthy version." FHIT Tip: Have fun but don't over do it!

WILL: Well, I believe that the Broncos are going to pull it off. It's going to be a tight game; you got the number one offense going against the number one defense. But at the end of the day, I take experience over anything. Final score: Broncos 24, Seahawks 20.

JAVA: Patriots by 6.

ERIC: Since Eli couldn't get to the Super Bowl I have to go with Peyton and the Broncos by 14. With this win he'll have 2 rings like his brother Eli.

JASON: I don’t even know who’s playing. But I predict Bruno Mars will win! One easy, FHIT substitution that cuts a bunch of unnecessary calories is fresh carrots and hummus over the more traditional chips and salsa.

JULIA: Broncos! Growing up, my brother attended the Manning Passing Academy in Louisiana, so we always root for the Manning family (when the Texans aren't playing, of course!). I like to indulge a little bit during the Super Bowl - wings and buffalo dip are my favorite. The key is to treat yourself without going overboard so that you don't wake up feeling awful the next morning!

KARI: Broncos 23, Seahawks 17. I just hope the Broncos win, as my six year old is going with my husband, brother in-law and father in-law who all lived in Colorado for years. Hope he doesn't freeze his booty off for nothing! In terms of Super Bowl snacking, I'm a wings, chips and cupcakes kind of girl, but promise to drink light beer vs. regular!

JESSICA: My pick is the Broncos, but I do have a soft spot for Russell Wilson of the Seahawks. I like Wilson's fire and persistence; especially since he was a 3rd round draft pick. That said, I lose my husband for 16+ weeks each year during football season, so I have decided to protest football this year!

DAURY: Broncos will win 28-13. How did I get that score? Those are two of my lucky numbers and they’re also football numbers so they are possible scores!

So, in total, we have 7 in favor of the Broncos, 0 in favor of the Seahawks, 1 in favor of Bruno Mars and 1 in favor of the Patriots. And, just in case you aren’t completely sold on the Super Bowl Sunday expert predictions generated by the Fhitting Room, we’ll leave you with these yummy recipes for some FHIT snacks that are sure to be a HIT this Sunday, even if our predictions aren’t!

We love all the recipes on this list but we picked out some of our favorites that most resemble those traditional halftime snacks we refuse to watch the game without!

Parmesan Zucchini Fries - FHIT Fries!
Mini Corn Dog Muffin - A Super Bowl classic in moderation!
Guilt-free Buffalo Wings - A Super Bowl staple made FHIT!
Swedish Meatballs - Yummy and protein-packed!
Chili with Chipotle and Chocolate - What a combo!
Mini BLT cups - Again, mini = FHIT!
Mac and cheese bites - Keyword = bites!
Mini cauliflower pizza bites - Who needs bread when you have cauliflower?!
Baked coconut shrimp - FHIT, fishy and fabulous!