Published March 2, 2020

How Daury’s Heart and Expertise Led Him to Our FHITfam

daury then and now-1

Early on in his career, Daury Dross worked at prestigious big box gyms before joining the team at Fhitting Room. He was looking to grow as an instructor and train clients with a high standard for education. Today, Daury invests in each and every client, coaching them to be the best they can be to break that next fitness barrier, whether it be a higher box jump or heavier weights. Daury’s humour, humility, and love for our clients and our team has made him a shining light in our FHITfam for the past seven years and over 10,000 FHIXes!

Growing up, Daury was bullied as a child because of his weight. His fitness journey began at the age of 15, when he started weight lifting under the guidance of school staff. He says the biggest outcome of learning that new habit was the changes he saw in his body, and as a result, he was no longer bullied. For Daury, fitness is also his therapy. Exercise was an outlet for family issues he experienced at home. When Daury stepped into a gym, it became his safe space. Today, he loves helping others achieve their fitness goals because of his own journey.

FHITfounder Kari first met Daury when she took a class he was teaching at a luxury gym. She says, “Daury had me at 'hello.' I’ll never forget the first time I met Daury.” Kari says Daury “was waiting for me at the door (wearing a hoodie intended to hide his tattoos) and gave me a tour of the space before class." Kari walked into the locker room to text an early team member, “He better teach a great class because I LOVE everything about him.” After that initial meeting, she never looked back, and neither has Daury. Kari says she has seen Daury grow tremendously, both professionally and as a family man, and become an integral part of the Fhitting Room brand. 


On working at Fhitting Room, Daury says it doesn’t feel like work. He says he gets to engage with clients in the studios and on social media, and that these connections he’s built have helped him develop as both a person and a trainer. Being able to be himself makes Daury excited to coach new trainers, too.

Years of experience and making these connections have led Daury to work with renowned organizations like the NFL and brands like Nike and Lululemon. When people ask him why he works so hard, he says, “There’s no limit! I work for my family.” 

In his down time, Daury prioritizes spending quality time with his wife and kids. He also takes immense pride in being one of the leaders of our FHITfam. One of his favorite FHIT memories was from our recent holiday party, an annual tradition where we celebrate our FHITfam’s achievements and the upcoming year ahead. Daury says what makes Fhitting Room so special is that everyone is held accountable to succeed via team effort.


This team-first mentality also translates to class instruction, where Daury co-teaches with many other instructors. Daury says, “You’re able to learn from that [other] person. It’s definitely a mood booster. It makes it easier for us to help people out, making sure that FHIXers are good with form, from a coaching perspective.“ FHITpro Dennys has taught the most classes as a co-instructor with Daury. Dennys says, “I can’t believe it’s been 5+ years teaching with my #brotherforlife. It’s crazy how so many of our clients laugh because we finish each other’s sentences.” Daury is also known for his sense of humor, and Dennys says Daury “loves to mention how I have to match my outfits to my sneakers and my amazing diet. But what I’ve taken and learned from Daury as a friend and brother is his love for his family, his wife and two boys. How much they mean to him and what the importance of family really means. I truly don’t think I would’ve made 5+ years without my brother.”

Daury says that Fhitting Room has helped him soar professionally. He says, “If I really look back at my childhood, could I look back and tell myself that I would be here? From training Roger Gooddell [of the NFL], to becoming a Lululemon ambassador, and recent opportunities that have been developing and even maintaining the title of being a founding instructor at Fhitting Room. To be able to be a part of all of that.” It’s overwhelmingly evident from Daury’s story that when you work hard, you win, and that Daury is no stranger to hard work.

For Daury, he says he likes to stay in a “humble perspective and continue to grow.” That every year Fhitting Room grows is an accomplishment for him. We are honored you’re a part of our FHITfam, Daury! Here’s to growing even stronger, together.