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15 Tips + Tricks To Push Past The Resolution Drop Off

Fitness • February 17, 2020

While most people start the year off with the best of intentions, U.S. News reports that the majority of people quit their New Year’s resolutions by mid-February. We took to our FHIT followers on Instagram to get their best hacks on how to stay motivated committed to their fitness resolutions.


1. Sign up for Mondays with Farouk to start the week!! -@thatshittray89

2. Just book it already. If it’s in the schedule it gets done. -@marinedriver

3. Pack [a] gym bag the night before so that I am ready to go for a morning class! -@harris4791


4. The awesome people that go to Fhitting Room. They keep me motivated! I also am motivated by being able to see and work out with my favorite instructors. -@htico33

5. Make FHIT friends. Friends who keep me motivated to show up, work hard, and get stronger. -@lhabes17

6. FHIT friends who are even more dedicated than me! I have to keep up! I’m talking about @vmazard and @lisamark00 among others!!! #momgoals -@ttcovino


7. Seeing seniors who can still walk up multiple flights of stairs and lift luggage into overhead bins! -@reekaee

8. If you stop working out everything hurts more when you get back. Increasing weight and feeling stronger is always the best motivation and victories like being able to carry your groceries home without breaking a sweat. -@arielsam924

9. Seeing progress and for example being pushed to move up in kettlebell weight bc the trainers know u can, when you probably wouldn’t pick a heavier weight for yourself in the first place (guilty of this). -@thatshittray89


10. Create habits to make you disciplined. It helps to like where you are going [to workout]. After that, it’s not motivation, it’s discipline. -@invacolorsnyc

11. Build daily processes that support your goals and let habit take over. -@ashwrightstrong


12. The energy the FHITpros come with everyday motivate to continue to push, especially for my early morning FHIX. -@avec_esme

13. Get to know your instructors – they’ll get to know you and will push you further than you think you are capable. That always kept me super motivated and helped me hold myself accountable. -@srenstrom6

14. Trainers who make me excited to work out! The instructors motivate [me] to come to class because they’re attentive, fun and non-judgmental. They just want everyone to achieve their best! -@laurenrebecca789 


15. Trying to lose the baby weight! Have also been doing Fhitting Room On Demand [at home] while my son sleeps to workout when I don’t have someone to watch him. -@hammertiempo

Thank you to all the FHIXers who chimed in to help create this blog post!

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