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The Types of People You Meet on Zoom Workout Classes

Community, Fitness • December 11, 2020

Chances are you’ve recently used Zoom for some form of virtual meeting, workout, happy hour, you name it. With quarantine and social distancing, 2020 quickly turned into the year of Zoom. Thankfully it’s allowed us to bring Fhitting Room into your homes during a time everyone could use it most! 

Now that we’re 9 months into Zoom life here at Fhitting Room, we thought it would be fun to break down 6 types of people you’re likely to encounter during a Zoom workout. (Those who have taken a LIVE! class at Fhitting Room can relate, and if you haven’t….this is your chance take advantage of our first time offer)!

Fhitting Room Trainer leading virtual workout

The types of people you meet on Zoom:

  • The competitor: This person is always on the view-all “gallery” view. They like to keep tabs on the whole class. Their inner competitiveness is motivated by the group. You know the one who tries to get the most rounds & reps in and doesn’t want to stop first? We see you, and there’s nothing wrong with a little challenge!
  • The form checker: This person is the one who chooses the “pin yourself” mode. They like to keep all eyes on themselves at all times to make sure they got their form down pact. They use their device like a mirror and are ready to make adjustments when the  FHITpros offer tips.
  • The social butterfly: We all know one of these; maybe you are one of these. Social butterflies pin their friends in the grid view and send private chats throughout class. Workouts are equal parts social wellness and physical wellness to this crew.  Luckily, at Fhitting Room you get the best of both worlds: the personal trainer experience in a group workout environment.
  • The teacher’s pet: This person always pins the FHITpro. They love a personal shout out! Don’t worry, our FHITpros are your biggest cheerleaders.  We recommend this view for first time FHIXers to ensure you get the most out of your workout and can easily follow the trainer’s every move.
  • The social media supporter: They like to snap pictures throughout class so they can post to their Instagram stories and shout out their favorite FHITpros and FHIT friends. Hey, we encourage it; be sure to tag us @fhittingroom. Social sharing is a great way to keep yourself accountable. If your followers didn’t see your #sweatyselfie did it really happen?
  • The out of sight one: This person tends to keep the camera off. We know new workouts can seem intimidating at first, but we have a feeling you’ll feel right at home quickly! While we’re 100% supportive of having your camera off, we’re also here to give you personal attention and form correction whenever you’re ready to flip the switch.

What kind of Zoom (FHITness) user are you? No matter who you are, we are proud of you for taking the time to HIT it with us. Here’s to getting stronger together! Head to our Instagram account here and let us know if we missed anything.

To learn more about our Zoom-enabled live digital classes, click here.

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