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The FHIT 5 with BLD

Community • April 5, 2021

See what FHITpro BLD is loving and living for right now with his FHIT 5 of the moment:

1. Snack/Food: Trader Joe’s 2% Greek Yogurt or Vanilla Skyr yogurt (for protein), 1 crushed TJ’s vanilla meringue, 1 Fiber One brownie bar (cinnamon coffee cake or lemon), and raspberries or strawberries.

2. Workout Gear: Short shorts!

3. Weekend Activity: Wearing normal clothes, eating out, and running (not all at the same time)!

4. Artist or Song: DJ Khaled! All I Do Is Win is my anthem. Fitness is all about making lots of little wins and you have to celebrate all victories.

5. Show You’re Currently Binging/ Book You’re Reading: Just binged Wandavision (binged it in 1 afternoon) and now onto Falcon & Winter Soldier… I love Marvel!