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Refer a Friend to Fhitting Room + Receive a Complimentary Class

Community • May 9, 2018

One of the reasons we love group fitness is because it’s social. There’s no need to HIT the gym by yourself when you can take a group class and meet like-minded people with similar FHITness goals. Better yet, you can invite your friends to sweat it out with you!

Do you like to get your FHIX before or after work? Or do you squeeze it in during your lunch hour? Invite your coworkers to come get their FHIX with you, and you could start a chain reaction in your office. Need some extra quality time with your BFF? HIT two birds with one stone and schedule a FHIX for you and your bud before your boozy brunch.

When you have someone to workout with, it keeps you accountable and makes you more likely to follow through with your FHIT commitments. Not to mention, exercise is hard enough; doing it with friends makes it much more fun. So, when you schedule your next FHIX, invite your friends, coworkers, significant others, siblings or parents. Before you know it, your FHITfam will have extended far beyond your favorite instructors and fellow FHIXers, and your workout will mean more than just calories burned.

Read on for deets on how to share the FHITlove with your fam, friends and colleagues.

The Deets*:

  • Refer a first time FHIXer to Fhitting Room.
  • They can purchase either of our NYC Intro Offers or our DC Intro Offer.
  • At check-in, tell them to mention your name, and you will receive a complimentary class credit added to your account.

*Please note: to be eligible for this promotion, first-time FHIXers must book their class with a class purchased from Fhitting Room.

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