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Meet the Advanced Kettlebells Crew

Community • July 27, 2023

We’re so inspired by our Advanced Kettlebells crew, we’re featuring the Advanced Kettlebells crew and their fearless FHITpro leader, Renee, as our first ever community FHITspiration. This inspiring, strong group of humans are sharing how the skills they’ve learned in this class impact their daily life, their favorite skills they’ve learned, and their wise advice to anyone considering trying an Advanced Kettlebells Class. Plus, Renee is sharing her inspiration behind starting this class.

The Story behind Our Advanced Kettlebells Class with Renee:

Renee: Being a studio that loves kettlebells so much, I felt we needed a class that allowed more seasoned athletes to work on more complex kettlebell skills such as the Snatch andJerk variations!  All our other classes are open to all levels and I felt we had so many people who were just ready for the next step with kettlebells!

I wanted to give our frequent FHIXers a way to level up and feel confident with the kettlebell skills while offering more advanced programs with less basic demos and more detailed cues to allow them to truly master vs. just learn the skills. 

Like all our classes, I wanted it to also be a place that FHIXers could be further challenged in a very supportive and fun space!  This is exactly what we have created with Advanced Kettlebells. What I didn’t expect, it the amount of support the group gives each other! I love what it has become and urge anyone who wants to learn more about bells to join.

Here’s what our strong AF group had to say:

If you had to pick 1 thing you love most about Advanced Kettlebells class at Fhitting Room, what would it be? 

Heather: The support from both the teacher and fellow classmates

Eleonora: The supporting and encouraging community that always challenges each other to do better

Suzanne: Renee’s amazing programming

Nina: The Peel Pressure ???? including the support (and loving peer pressure) from the rest of the crew to take on Renee’s challenges when she puts a heavier kettlebell at your feet.

Michele: Renee! But also every program is so thoughtful and always working to make you stronger and better!

Ang: The chance to really level up my kettlebell work.

Erika: 1 band, 1 sound! Renee is an impeccable leader of form and encouragement as the band works together to complete the workout. It really is so much fun!

Tony: The smaller community within the Fhitting Room community – the camaraderie of seeing my fellows classmates on a weekly basis

Tiffany: The community

Avra: The camaraderie among the community

Becky: Renee’s programming! The workouts are so different each week and if we are are focused on a specific movement she will incorporate movement prep into the activation so we’re always drilling down on the form.

Brett: The camaraderie. Everyone in class has the same goal: learn new things and continually get better at them. When goals are met not only does the person who achieved those goals celebrate, we all celebrate. We cheer each other on and celebrate the big and small successes.

Lauren: Applying (lots of) years of experience in the regular Fhitting Room classes to being able to now successfully do advanced moves and complexes and weights you never thought you could lift is awesome!

How does Advanced Kettlebells make you feel?

Heather: Capable of doing incredibly strong things

Eleonora: Like a million bucks

Suzanne: Like I am the strongest and happiest lady to waltz out of there.

Nina: Not only strong (duh!) but capable and prepared – like I can tackle a challenging weight or move head-on and not worry about the outcome, because there will be support from the class if it goes badly and there will always be a chance to try again!

Michele: Strong AF!

Ang: Stronger!

Erika: Advanced Kettlebells makes me feel like a strong bad ass b*tch!!! #savagelife #canyouevenkettlebellbro ?!

Tony: More confident in myself – that with consistency, encouragement, and support I can be a better version of myself

Tiffany: Strong and badass

Avra: Confident, stronger and more empowered

Becky: No better way to start the weekend! I always feel accomplished and empowered.

Brett: After completing an Advanced Kettlebell class, I am pumped and ready for whatever comes next, whether that is a project at work, a relaxing weekend or even another advanced skill we will learn the following week.

Lauren: Strong!

Favorite kettlebell move you’ve learned in Advanced Kettlebells?

Heather: Split Jerk

Eleonora: Split Jerk

Suzanne: Double Snatching and Turkish Get Up (TGU)

Nina: Hang Snatches and Split Jerks

Michele: Push Jerks

Ang: The Snatch

Erika: Snatches!!! I just started nailing them and it feels so rewarding, not to mention how freaking cool are they?!

Tony: I need more practice with it – but so far, the Split Jerk.

Tiffany: How to snatch properly

Avra: Snatch

Becky: Kettlebell Snatch

Brett: Kettlebell Snatch

Lauren: Banded Swings

Around how many classes did you take before trying Advanced Kettlebells?

Heather: 1300

Eleonora: 180

Suzanne: Hundreds haha

Nina:Almost 400

Michele: I have 660 classes at Fhitting Room and started from day ONE with Advanced Kettlebells!

Ang: 700-ish

Erika: Literally 99 classes. I took advanced for the first time for my 100th class. Mainly because it’s only on Fridays and it’s hard for me to make with my schedule. Also because I’m super extra and dramatic and why wouldn’t it be my 100th class debut at Fhitting Room? LOL

Tony: I’ve been going to Fhitting Room for years. I believe when Renee first introduced Advanced Kettlebells I signed up for one of her very first classes. I took a few classes but took a short break because I didn’t think I was ready for such an advanced class. However, I picked it back up one day (after some encouragement) and have been going consistently ever since. It’s become my favorite type of class that Fhitting Room offers.

Tiffany: 10+

Avra: Sporadic classes on and off

Becky: Probably around 50

Brett: 500-600 maybe more. I was not an OG to the Advanced Kettlebells group. I would peer in the window on Friday mornings during the change over from the 7 am class upstairs. With the encouragement of friends in the class and knowing a great coach was the instructor, I decided to try it and I immediately fell in love.

Lauren: Hundreds and I had done FHIXtreme before also.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about trying the class?

Heather: Just do it! Everyone is so nice and supportive and Renee is THE best with form instruction.

Eleonora: Just go for it. You will be inspired by the people in the room to learn more.

Suzanne: We love new people. We seem scary but we love when new people join and we are very welcoming and funny and fun!

Nina: If you feel like your kettlebell skills are mechanically solid, just GO FOR IT! Don’t worry about how MUCH you can lift right now – think about HOW you’re lifting, and don’t let a worry over not lifting that heavy keep you from trying the class if you feel otherwise prepared. Once you’re in Advanced Kettlebells, those heavier lifts will come.

Michele: Do it! You won’t be disappointed, Renee is an incredible, thoughtful coach who will guide you so precisely you’ll be blown away by your quick progress!

Ang: Just try it. The crew is always supportive and cheering people on.

Erika: Go in with a clear head and no expectations. Everyone moves at their own pace with strength and skill. It’s all about progression!

Tony: You are stronger and more capable than you think. Renee is there every step of the way to correct, support, and encourage your journey. And don’t let the word “advanced” scare you off.

Tiffany: Keep an open mind for learning and perfecting skills. Everyone has room for improvement!

Avra: Absolutely try it. They will be hooked immediately

Becky: Don’t be intimidated! Renee will meet you at any level. She’s encouraging, knowledgeable and focused on form. She creates a safe space for learning new things.

Brett: Just do it!! You won’t regret it.

Lauren: It’s a challenging class but if you feel comfortable with all the basic Kettlebell skills, you will do well! You need to listen and pay attention to form corrections.

How do the skills learned in this class apply to your daily life?

Heather: They make carrying my groceries a lot easier. ????

Eleonora: I feel better in my body immediately after class. My posture changes and the way I walk. I feel stronger and more confident to take on the day.

Suzanne: Discipline in my daily life, and showing up for myself, my people, and my job every day. ????

Nina: My posture has improved, and for the first time since an overuse injury 6+ years ago I’ve taken back up running – I’ve always had decent body awareness, but I feel even more present in my body since I started taking Advanced Kettlebells, and like I’m giving my muscles their best chance to support me and remain injury-free! In addition, I’m a scuba diver and have found that the skills honed in Advanced Kettlebells (lifting efficiently and breath control) have helped improve my air consumption and buoyancy control underwater and comfort in carrying my equipment out of the water.

Michele: All movement! From picking something up to carrying my heavy a** purse!

Ang: Discipline and patience

Erika: The laser focus it takes, the dedication and never giving up on yourself all tie into everyday life for me in every way. Also being KIND to your body and others through it all. I look forward to getting my FHIX weekly and am so proud of how far I’ve come.

Tony: I’m more mindful of my form and posture, and I’m not afraid to hinge and stick that butt out to protect my lower back.

Tiffany: You can do hard things and do them well.

Avra: Like with anything hard in life the key to success is perseverance, commitment and patience and you will see confidence and success in anything you wish to accomplish.

Becky: A great reminder that building a new skill takes time and consistency is key!

Brett: It is a reminder that there is always an opportunity to learn / perfect new skills and continuously challenge yourself.

Lauren: As a mom of 2 little boys, I want them to grow up knowing that their mom is strong and can do hard things! Not to mention lifting heavy bells makes it easier for me to carry two of them at a time when I need to.

Want to come join this crew and try out Advanced Kettlebells for yourself? Sign up for class on Friday mornings in the FHITpit at Flatiron.