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FHITfam News: Meet Sara + Taylor

Community • May 7, 2024

Say hello to the new heads of Fhitting Room operations, Sara Russo and Taylor Warren! While you may recognize their familiar faces, we are excited to officially welcome them into their new roles within our FHITfam.

After years of being part of our FHIT desk crew, Sara is joining the business team as the Fitness Operations + Outreach manager. She spearheads all facility issues to maintain the professional appearance and exacting standards of our studios and works with neighboring communities and brands to help build local partnerships and drive new client acquisition. 

After leading our Upper West Side studio as a Location Leader, Taylor is stepping into his new role as Studio + Team Experience Manager. As part of this role, he ensures all studios are efficient and welcoming, and that clients receive Fhitting Room’s 5-star experience. You’ll see him in class quite often, as he provides feedback for FHITpros and serves as their conduit for the rest of the Leadership team to communicate FHIXers’ takeaways and celebrations from class. He also oversees onboarding, training, and development of our FHITdesk and FHITcrew teams, and ensures our standard operating procedures provide a smooth and consistent employee experience. 

Learn more about our two new business team members!

Favorite FHIT memory?
Sara Russo: Sounds corny but it’s honestly the community and life long friends, FHIXers, and colleagues I’ve gained starting from my first class. It’s what drew me in to want to be a part of the bigger picture of Fhitting Room. 
Taylor Warren: It’s cliche, but my first-ever FHIX way back in 2017! I had never been in a space more welcoming and educational. Fhitting Room has always set itself apart, especially because of our FHITpros’ expertise, knowledge, and tailoring to client progressions and/or modifications. It’s wonderful to experience clients leaving our space not only sweaty and refreshed, but also educated on how best to perform movements and take care of their bodies, no matter their fitness history!

Favorite artist/song to play In Studio?
SR: Anything Sigala – Came Here For Love specifically or Sweet Lovin’! 
TW: I’ve been into Jungle lately, and you can never go wrong with some Dua Lipa!

Favorite pre- or post-workout snack?
SR: Go-to post workout snack is a Peanut Butter, Banana, and Blueberry Protein Shake. YUM!
TW: Anything with lots of protein (or hey, maybe even a Levain cookie)!

Favorite Fhitting Room workout?
SR: I LOVE a Just STRENGTH class. While I take Signature FHIT regularly as well, you know what they say, “cardio is hardio” and I prefer strength cardio to the cardio machines. 
TW: I love all of our workouts, especially a nice strength kettlebell complex during a Signature FHIT class!

What are you looking forward to most about your new role? 
SR: I am looking forward to being around all the studios more often and building stronger relationships with our FHIXers and surrounding communities. 
TW: Development of our team! People are the core of Fhitting Room, and I’m excited to lead this team, grow alongside them, and accomplish big goals!