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Meet Our New FHITpro: Alex

Community • August 20, 2021

Alex has a background in dance, having danced competitively from age 3. She gave it up fearing that she would never be good enough, and struggled with her body image and fitting into a certain look that was required. She wasn’t active at all after that and struggled for years with mental health and anxiety. Not having an outlet for her anxiety was crippling her and a therapist recommended some type of physical activity. She found Fhitting Room and it changed her life. Finding that love for herself again and finding a true love for fitness, she decided to get certified to help others in the way she was helped.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I have a heavy addiction to TV shows. Quoting Greys Anatomy and falling asleep to Law and Order SVU are specialties of mine.

Favorite food of all time?

This is tough because I’m a person who will take hours to decide on what to eat since I LOVE food. My go-to comfort food is Thai.

Favorite music to workout to?

This can be anything depending on my mood, including anything from early 2000’s pop, to Lil Wayne, to a whole Broadway show. Hamilton and Legally Blonde are go to’s of mine if I’m in a showtune mood.

Favorite kettlebell move?

I love a strict press or a Z press mainly because it’s something that 3-4 years ago I could barely do with light weight and it pushes me. I also love lower body work so any deadlift, and I think every FHITpro has a soft spot for a swing!

What can people expect in your class?

I will be your biggest supporter. I genuinely love watching people succeed and have fun while getting strong.

Best piece of advice? 

Being strong in your body will translate to being strong in your mind and in your heart. Physical Strength will translate to all parts of your life. 

Another good one that I say to myself and others often is ‘don’t let fear dictate your life.’ Use fear to fuel you. Recognize its presence but don’t let it hold you back.

What go-to item do you always carry in your workout bag?

Cocoa butter chapstick, coconut body lotion and cucumber deodorant because I am constantly sweating.

Why do you love Fhitting Room?

I love Fhitting Room because of the community. I feel seen each and every time I walk into this place and I do a workout and that’s exactly what I want for my clients.

First FHIX experience?

I was terrified and was about to leave honestly because my anxiety was so bad. Dennys must have noticed, said he had my back, and instantly gained my trust and I hope to be that person for someone else.

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