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Meet Our FHITspiration + Strong Mom: Heather

Community • May 12, 2023

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re excited to feature frequent FHIXer and Strong Mom, Heather. She’s sharing everything from how a Fhitting Room inside joke ended up in her wedding vows, to how Fhitting Room classes help her train for motherhood, and her advice to moms looking to get into a fitness routine.

1. When did you start taking Fhitting Room classes and what keeps you returning?

So, I started taking classes in July of 2017 on the Upper West Side soon after I moved uptown. I had been very into CrossFit and weight training all through my 20’s and was looking for some awesome high intensity interval classes. I had some injuries I was working with and needed some modifications to suit my needs. After my first class, I fell in love immediately! I loved the programming, the instructors, fellow classmates and all the staff. Everyone was so kind, positive, supportive and helpful. The classes were/ are SO fun and engaging and I always left drenched in sweat and feeling amazing.

2. Do you have a favorite FHIT memory?
I started bringing my boyfriend (now my husband) with me to classes. I loved working out together and partnering up in workouts together. We tried to always come together whenever schedules allowed. We were so often partners that started calling each other partner (as in, “Howdy Partner”). We said it so much that it was mentioned in our wedding vows!

3. How does training at Fhitting Room classes help with motherhood?
The classes help me so tremendously. Motherhood is physically and mentally exhausting and the Fhitting Room classes truly do fuel me when I’m feeling so depleted. Recently, I’ve been doing the On Demand classes most often as we now live in Westchester and are further from the studios/ can’t always fit in LIVE! classes. They are amazing!! Always new content with great playlists!

4. Do you have tips for finding time to squeeze in a workout?
Fhitting Room On Demand workouts have been a lifesaver! The moment the baby goes down for a nap, if I’m not also napping, I throw on an On Demand class and squeeze in a sweat session. Long walks with the dog and baby are also awesome! We all get some sunshine and cardio.

5. Any advice for other moms looking to get into a fitness routine?

Do whatever and whatever feels good that day. Everyday is so different as a new mom and you just have to listen to your body. I’ve found the hardest thing is getting changed into workout clothes and getting started. Once you get that far, before you know it you’ve finished the workout.

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