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Meet Our FHITSpiration: Ben

Community • June 15, 2023

We’re excited to feature Strong Dad, Ben, as our FHITspiration in honor of Father’s Day. In case you missed it, we recently featured his wife Heather, who is also a frequent FHIXer this past Mother’s Day. Read more about Ben’s favorite FHIT memory (spoiler alert it’s really sweet ????), how Fhitting Room helps with fatherhood, and of course we had to include his best Dad joke.

1. When did you start taking Fhitting Room classes and what keeps you returning?

I started in July of 2017. Heather (now my wife) and I, of course, took the class together. I loved the classes from day one. They’re a great blend of intensity and variety, all in a supportive and fun environment. I relish the challenge to improve myself both in fitness and skill, and I am so grateful for the quality programming and constant feedback to help me improve.

2.  Do you have a favorite FHIT memory?

I got to cheer Heather on during, and hug her immediately after, she completed her event in Survival of the Fhittest 2020 (we got to do our sets together, facing each other). I was so proud of her, of how she pushed herself to her limit.

3. How does training at Fhitting Room classes help with fatherhood?

I have to be efficient with my time now more than ever (and I’ve always had to be efficient given the demands of my career), and being able to drop into a friendly environment where I know I can safely and effectively get a great workout in 45 minutes is priceless. Plus, I get to model healthy habits for my daughter when I use the on-demand or live classes.

4. Do you have tips for finding time to squeeze in a workout?

I like to squeeze workouts either into the window first thing in the morning before work and family demands really ramp up, or else I look for windows in my calendar between meetings/calls when I can just sneak out for an hour. The workouts are so energizing that they’re always worth the time.

5. Any advice for other dads looking to get into a fitness routine?

Find something you enjoy first and foremost. If it’s not fun, you won’t be consistent. If you’re not consistent, you won’t get any benefit. Do workouts that you can share with your partner and the rest of the family. Your kids will learn from your habits. Make those habits worth learning.

6. Tell us your best dad joke (we had to include this one )

No matter how much you push the envelope, it’s still stationery.

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