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Kari’s 10 Must-Haves for Female Founders

Community • March 18, 2021

1. The Right Team: Build a team of high-achievers who share your passion for your company who will also challenge + complement you. Note: that does not say compliment. Do not hire people who are just like you!

2. A Wing(hu)man: Have a BFF (outside your company) who you can tell EVERYTHING and who makes both the good times + bad times better. Make time for this human even when you’re working around the clock, and be sure the friendship is a two-way street. Give as much as you receive.

3. A Plan for the Unplanned: Maintain a short list of “go to” websites for any and all last-minute shopping needs. You’ll inevitably forget to plan ahead more than once in your entrepreneurial journey.

4. Scheduled You Time: Being an entrepreneur is 24/7. Your passion will take you far, but burnout is real, and your business needs you at your best. Schedule time – literally – for anything that re-energizes you. I intentionally did not say downtime, because not everyone is reinvigorated by rest.

5. A Circle of Trust: I’m talking about people who the outside world sees as your competitors. Build strong relationships with those facing the same opportunities and challenges you do. The smarter and more successful they are, the more you can learn + grow. Shout out to my BFS Masterminds.

6. An Eye + Stomach for Intense Realism:See things for what they are. Embrace this concept from The 50th Law: “Assess yourself, the people around you, and the direction you are headed in as cold and brutal a light as possible. Without fear.” 

7. Confidence + A Can-do Attitude: Trust your gut, fail fast, take messy action, and make informed but quick decisions. Don’t waste time deliberating something you feel in your fiber! Plus, you’re going to need to galvanize people around your vision; if you don’t believe in what you, why would anyone else? 

8. A Strong Rolodex: Create a broad network of potential talent, service providers, strategic partners, and business leaders within and outside of your industry. Growth, changing direction, problem solving, effective leadership, and execution are critical, but you can’t do it alone. Make time to build relationships. 

9. A Power Outfit: Find a look that makes you feel like the boss lady you are. Unlike the Gordon Gekko inspired ‘80s Power Suit worn with the sole intention of intimidation, this is not about wearing something based on what others think. This is about wearing what makes you feel empowered. For me, it’s all black athleisure with sneakers, often with a green accent.

10. A Fab Photog:Find a photographer who takes photos you love of yourself; your headshot will show up places you didn’t even know existed. My personal fave is @telyfoto.

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