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FHITspiration: Healthcare Hero, Michele Adler

Community • April 20, 2020

Frequent FHIXer and healthcare hero, Michele Adler is this month’s FHITspiration. Michele has been part of our FHITfam since 2014 when she found Fhitting Room as a place to belong; she’s been getting her FHIX with us ever since. Michele is also a medical worker who is on the frontlines in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. Today, and every day, we celebrate Michele for both her strength and bravery. Learn more about Michele, her Fhitting Room journey and how she’s staying healthy during this challenging time.

1. How long have you been FHIXing at Fhitting Room?

Since 2014, over 6 years now! I felt like Goldilocks – I had been trying to find a workout that fit (no pun intended), one that was challenging and that I enjoyed. I had been trying out all of the big studios, but I didn’t feel like I found a place where I belonged until I found Fhitting Room.

2. Tell us about your first FHIX. When was it? Who taught it?

Hmm probably early 2014, at the original studio on 80th and Lexington with Eric and Ben W. I rushed in because I was a minute late (I hate being late!) and they were both very welcoming. I was pretty tired from just the warm up but with their encouragement I made it through class and kept coming back for more.

3. What keeps you coming back?

A combination of things: all of the great instructors and the energy and enthusiasm they bring to class as well as their expertise, my FHITfriends who encourage and inspire me, and my own personal desire to get stronger and push myself physically and mentally. It’s not always only physical, you have to tell yourself that you can finish that minute on the assault bike to make it or hold that hollow hold for 45 seconds.

4. Do you have a favorite FHITpro duo?

That’s like making a parent choose their favorite child! All of the instructors are incredibly talented in different ways and I love all of them. But, if I had to choose, I’d say my OG’s. Eric’s energy level, enthusiasm, fitness expertise, attention to detail with movements, is next level. Any class you take with him has the best energy and he is always dancing around, calling people out to work harder or squat lower, and correcting form. I also love the addition of the Just STRENGTH class which is challenging in a different way than the regular Fhitting Room classes. Ben W. is another amazing instructor with a huge personality, energy, enthusiasm, attention to details and so much more. Ben W will always make me laugh and smile during the toughest of workouts. He is a true gem. And he has some fancy bodyweight moves on Fhitting Room LIVE! The duos I always take are Monday nights with Eric and Riley and Saturdays with Ben and Riley. Riley is another amazing instructor who is enthusiastic, encouraging, attentive to details, strong, and fun. She and Melody have similar positive, enthusiastic personalities that push you to work your hardest. I would go on about every instructor but alas…

5. How does getting your FHIX play a role in your life?

As a nurse and a New Yorker, days can be stressful. My workouts at Fhitting Room help me with stress relief and push me to test my limits, challenging myself with heavier weights and to try and go faster on the cardio machines.

6. First off, we want to extend a HUGE thank you for being on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19. Amidst long, stressful days, how do you still find the time and motivation to get your FHIX?

It is tough. When the COVID-19 outbreak first began, I didn’t want to do anything. I came home, showered, ate, went to sleep, and did it all again every day. A tough part of this pandemic is the isolation from friends, family, and community that we all feel. I missed my Fhitting Room family and community and seeing everyone in the Fhitting Room LIVE classes definitely brightens my day and helps me stay connected. I also think being active is really important during this time. It’s easy to stay home on your couch or in your bed and ruminate. Movement distracts you from the COVID-19 situation and definitely improves your mood.

7. With regards to the current situation, what advice/lessons do you have that we can all learn from?

What I personally have learned is the importance of community and staying in touch with friends and family. Not everyone is going to reach out for help if they need it and it is always nice to check in on family and friends to see how they are doing and if you can be of any help to them. Regular checkups with a doctor are also important just to make sure everything is ok. You may feel great but it’s always good to get regular blood work done to make sure everything is ok internally. I think the importance of mental health has come to light as well and hope everyone feels more willing to reach out for help if they need it.

8. In addition to getting your FHIX, do you have any other tips on ways to stay healthy at home?

Frequent handwashing of course is a big one and I recommend getting some fresh air as well. Going out for a walk around your block is just a nice break from your apartment, mentally and physically, while still maintaining social distancing. I’d also recommend maintaining your connections – have a Zoom “meeting” or game night with your friends because community is so important during this tough time. I also like to limit the news and media I consume. The more news you watch and read, the more anxious it is going to make you. It is important to stay informed and educated but not to the point of oversaturation where it is causing more anxiety.

9. Do you have any advice for our FHIT community on ways to support healthcare workers during this time?

First I’d like to thank people for their outpouring of support during this time. The daily applause, donations, etc. are all amazing and very much appreciated. We are all struggling to do our best to help people and definitely appreciate patience during this time as our healthcare system is inundated with patients. Please only use the Emergency Room and 911 for true emergencies. Emergency rooms and 911 are both overwhelmed and many of the patients and calls are better suited for an Urgent Care or Telehealth visit during this time. Telehealth is a great first option for an initial screening by a provider. The provider can advise you to escalate care to an in-person visit at Urgent Care or the Emergency Room, or they may advise you to quarantine at home and prescribe some medication for you. 

I’d also like to say thank you to Kari, the instructors at the Fhitting Room, and all of the staff for making the LIVE classes possible. I know I really appreciate it and think it’s a great outlet for stress relief during this time. And thanks for the Healthcare Heroes classes!

Thank YOU, Michele, for continuing to show up and do what you do every day in the fight against COVID-19. You’re a FHITspiration to us all!