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FHITpreneur: Jessica Weiser of Weiser Skin

Community • September 7, 2020

In this month’s FHITpreneur feature, meet FHIXer Jessica W! Jessica is the owner of a dermatology practice in Manhattan., Weiser Skin. She takes us through her experience in quarantine and phased reopening of her business, all while homeschooling her children and getting her FHIX regularly. Get to know more about Jessica and her FHITpreneur story below.

How has your life and practice changed since COVID-19 and quarantine?

My medical practice was completely closed from March 12 until May 20. Quarantine kept me extremely busy with work of a very different kind as the homeschool teacher for my two sons (grades 2 and 6), the full time family chef, laundress, and cleaner. Despite the stress of closing my business and doing telemedicine appointments, I did really enjoy the quality time with my kids and the ability to cook healthy meals and snacks for all of us multiple times a day.

In addition to my daily (or twice daily) workouts on my own, we enjoyed being active as a family whether playing soccer, football, or hiking. Since returning to work, we are adhering to extremely high standards of sterility. My waiting room is closed, we are thoroughly sterilizing between patients, and I have had to significantly reduce the number of patients that I see daily, but I am thrilled to be back doing the work that I love.

Have you pivoted the business offerings at all during this time?

I offered telemedicine appointments daily between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. Patients had a wide variety of skin concerns and many are interested in starting new skincare regimens and routines to work on skin quality while at home. Quarantine and mask wearing has many effects on skin – lack of makeup has been helpful for some people but the recycled indoor air, frequent mask wearing, and high level cortisol (stress hormone) has caused a lot of acne, rosacea, and other rash flares. 

Speaking of going digital, have you tried Fhitting Room LIVE! classes? 

I have definitely taken many great Fhitting Room LIVE! classes in the past months! Unfortunately, my business revenue had plummeted over 95% so I haven’t taken as many as I would have liked to because we are cutting expenses anywhere possible. I am extremely passionate about my workouts and have been taking HIIT classes for years so luckily I have been able to generate my own workouts most of the time. When I can sneak in a class, I certainly try to! I am excited to get back to work so I can get back to more workouts whether online or in the studio.

How has your business evolved from digital to phased reopening in New York City? How have your daily operations/offerings changed or expanded?

We reopened the practice at the end of May with many new protocols in place. We have implemented pre-screening health questionnaire and consent forms, pre-entry temperature checks, required masks, closed the waiting room entirely, spaced appointments to avoid patient overlap, new air filtration throughout the building, and in room check in and check out! A lot of new methods allow me to take care of patients in a safe and controlled way to help them look and feel their best.

Have you taken any Fresh Air FHIX classes? If so, how do you prepare for an outdoor class? Any favorite moments so far?

I love the Fresh Air FHIX classes! My favorite part is that each instructor shows his or her own strengths by structuring their own workouts. Their personalities really shine through and the sweat is intense!

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