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Celebrate Latinx Heritage Month with Latinx Meals 

Community • September 15, 2022

Food plays a significant role in the traditions of Latinx countries and connect people to culture. Latinx recipes tell a story and have a way of bringing people together. With some of the best cuisines out there, we decided to round up some of our favorite Latinx Recipes and NYC restaurants in honor of Latinx Heritage Month. Because what better way to celebrate than by enjoying some comida deliciosa? So fuel your next FHIX with one of these recipes or meals from Latinx restaurants in NYC.

Latinx Recipes:

These tasty dishes come highly recommended by some of our Latinx team members.

This popular Puerto Rican dish just happens to be our trainer and Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Carlos’ favorite Latinx meal. This pork shoulder is a staple on special occasions. He recommends having it with the extra crispy skin. *Chef’s kiss.*

Our head trainer, Eric, chose the Cuban Sandwich as his favorite meal. This is not your average sandwich, made instead with pork shoulder. If you want to go all out, The Food Network is breaking down the recipe to make the ultimate Cuban sandwich. 

This easy to make Colombian corn dish can be made into a meal by adding toppings or eaten as a light snack. This recipe in particular calls for cheese filled arepas, so it’s perfect for our fellow cheese lovers. You can also make a ton and freeze to have on hand for later!

Gallo pinto is an easy and delicious Nicaraguan necessity. Eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (maybe even a snack), this dish is made with simple ingredients using red beans and rice, but the flavors are anything from simple. This is our Social Media Manager, Alex’s go-to comfort food. She recommends making it in bulk so you can heat up the leftovers on a pan to make it extra crispy and serve with eggs.  

Latinx Restaurant Recommendations in NYC:

Fonda is a Fhitting Room favorite and one of FHITpro, CSM’s personal favorites. This Mexican restaurant is owned by Mexico City born chef, Roberto Santibañez, and has 3 locations in Chelsea, Tribeca, and Park Slope, Brooklyn so you can get your muscles & margs fix.

With several locations around New York, this Colombian coffee shop has amazing (and strong) coffee, teas, and pastries. It makes a great spot to sit back and relax  with your coffee in hand surrounded by plants. There just happens to be a location right by our Flatiron studio. Coffees then kettlebells anyone? 

If you’re looking for authentic Puerto Rican food, Casa Adela, located in the Lower East Side, nails it every time. From tostones, sandwiches, mofongo, and more this spot is sure to hit the spot when you’re craving a delicious and savory home cooked meal. 

If you’re looking for upscale Venezuelan cuisine with a twist, this lovely Williamsburg restaurant is it. The 2021 Michelin rated restaurant has all the classics like arepas, empanadas, paellas, and all the fun cocktails to pair.