Simon Lawson


After working in corporate America for several years, Simon’s athletic lifestyle and competitive spirit led him to the fitness industry. He has trained hundreds of clients, instructed thousands of classes, and trained tens of thousands of clients at gyms throughout the city. Simon is an avid obstacle course racer and uses HIIT workouts to train and prepare for the grueling challenges these races offer.

Fun Fact
Simon's celebrity doppelgänger is Chris Rock "on his buff day."

Certified Kettlebell Instructor, TRX, Annette Lang Pre and Post Natal Trainer, ISCA Boxing Instructor

Featured in the Press
Robb Report

Simon's Playlist

In class, Simon plays music that inspires movement. He always tries to start with a recognizable, upbeat song to get the juices flowing and wake up the room. "Music has been scientifically proven to affect emotions and heart rate. I really take that into consideration while curating my playlists for class."