Garen McRoberts


After graduating from the University of Michigan, Garen’s professional acting and singing career began in New York City. He has performed on stages across the country and abroad, along with the Metropolitan Opera in NYC. Garen’s passion for fitness and wellness helps him motivate athletes to “be the best they can be.” He’s a firm believer in the power of meditation and breath work and the phrase “Work hard, play hard!”

Fun Fact
Garen has performed in India and Japan.

Running Coach, CrossFit Level 1 + Level 2, StrongFirst Educated, Certified Functional Strength Coach - Level 1

Garen's Playlist

When picking songs, Garen likes to pick up the vibe in the room and accommodate accordingly. "Music is such an integral part of the FHIX. You are guaranteed to sweat, dance, and smile with these sick beats!"