Daury Dross


Daury is one of our founding trainers. As a child, Daury was teased for being overweight. By sophomore year of high school, he decided to make a change and started weightlifting. He started working out at age 15 and has never looked back. As an experienced trainer, he loves helping people make positive changes. His mantra is, "If you can change someone else’s life, you can change your own as well."

Fun Fact: Daury is addicted to sneakers (and his car).


NCCPT Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Concepts, PROnatal Fitness Pre and Post Natal, Functional Strength Coach, TRX Level 1, StrongFirst Educated

Daury's Playlist

Daury looks to music as his outlet. It's the best way to get him pumped up for a workout or to teach a class. "I feed off my music when I teach and I always work to feed that energy into the class."