Brooke Emory


Brooke is a group fitness trainer specializing in HIIT and boxing, a professional dancer, and certified personal trainer. After moving to NYC, Brooke started training under Heather Hardy, undefeated boxing and MMA Champion, which led her to realize what she was meant to do: share her passion for fitness, and inspire people worldwide.

Fun Fact: Brooke started her career as a dancer working for a variety of artists including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Wiz Khalifa.


AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, EBF Certified Boxing Instructor, Professional Dancer with Go 2 Talent, CFSC Certified.

Brooke's Playlist

Growing up with a dad as a musician, music was ingrained in Brooke at an early age. She believes that rhythm drives a workout. Thanks to her dance roots, Brooke gravitates towards hip hop and rap music and likes to stay on top of the newest releases.