Master Our Movements


Learn proper technique for some of our signature movements. Practice before you come, or perfect as you go!

Step 1: Start with a dumbbell resting between the arches of your feet. The ends should be pointing towards 3 and 9 o’clock.

Step 2: Keeping your back flat and your chest up, squat down and grab the dumbbell with one hand.

Step 3: Drive your heels into the floor and, using power from your lower body, explode through the hips and pull the dumbbell up, leading with your elbow. Keep the dumbell tightly in line with the center of your body as if you’re zipping up a jacket.

Step 4: Keep your elbow high and punch up toward the ceiling.

Step 5: Once you reach the top of the position, your palm should face out, away from your body, and your bicep should be next to your ear.

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