Published November 10, 2015

We're Celebrating One Year of FHIXing!


While it’s hard to believe that we’ve been getting FHIT and FHIXing with our friends on the Upper East Side for a year now, it’s even harder to remember what TFR was like when we first opened! We’re taking a look back through all of our Fhitting Room firsts, favorites and even the flops that needed FHIXing.

Our FHIT team got pretty nostalgic taking a trip down memory lane, but we were able to pick some highlights from year 1 beginning with Eric, Daury, Kari and Jessica who have been part of the FHIT team since day 1!


I’m going with the Holidays as my most memorable “moment”. I was so touched by the emails, gifts and cards we received from so many of our FHITspirational FHIXers thanking us for having a positive impact on their lives. Many of these accounts disclosed personal journeys and told a story of progress, achievement and empowerment that made me so proud to play a role in the lives of so many truly impressive and inspiring individuals and so proud of The Fhitting Room community, which is welcoming, supportive, challenging and fun. From the day we opened our doors, The Fhitting Room has been my happy place, but it means the world to me that it’s also a happy place for so many others! Also part of my Holiday “moment” was hosting our second annual FHITfamily dinner (yes, we had one before we even opened last year), which included all of the original FHITfamily members plus all of the FHIT and FHAB FHITness Pros and Biz Rockstars who have joined our family throughout the year. I am truly honored that these talented, smart and successful individuals took a chance on a new-to-the-world fitness boutique and have poured their passion and energy into making The Fhitting Room all it has become in only one short year.


My favorite memory was Thanksgiving!  I didn't even work out that day but the vibe at The Fhitting Room was so amazing.  You could feel the thankfulness in the room and how happy everyone was to be at TFR.  On a more personal level, I felt so thankful to be a part of TFR!


My most memorable moment at TFR.....hmmm well, there are two and they kind of go together. The first memory was being asked to join Kari and her husband, Gavin, for a lunch/business meeting out at the Hamptons during the summer of 2012. After the long five hour Jitney ride, I thought wow, they just want to meet with me? Well they wined and dined me, (Kari did her intel on me and obviously knew I loved barbeque) and when lunch was over (and after a couple of glasses of wine) they offered me the job as head instructor. I'm not going to lie I was nervous, and yet excited at the same time. Now I've been approached on several occasions by people  to start up some new businesses in fitness but something was different about this one. Maybe it was Kari, maybe it was her vision. Whatever it was, I knew in my gut that it was the right thing and we were a great match.

Fast forwarding to a couple of months later, was my other memorable moment at our holiday team dinner at the Waverly Inn. I remember looking at the amazing group of instructors that Kari and I assembled, Ben, Daury, and Amanda and saying to her, "This won't fail, I won't let it, this  is going to be great!" And now I still believe this was the best decision I ever made and I still get excited everytime I step into the room to teach!


Everyday is a memory. It’s never the same. People are always happy to come back and happy to see you. Even missing a day, to have people notice that is really special. And of course, when we first opened, building the KB rack and carrying in every KB one by one in the cold weather. To now, watching clients use them to get stronger, it’s a constant reminder of where we were when we started and where we are today.