Published November 10, 2015

Welcome Our New FHIT Family Spring Blossom: Emily!


We are super psyched to introduce our new FHIT team member, EMILY!!! Originally from Potomac, MD (right outside of DC) she naturally developed a love for physical activity at a young age. After moving to LA to attend USC, Emily began trying out new fitness trends and fusion classes. Not surprisingly, she fell in love with spinning, HIT classes, yoga and pilates. She discovered that being both mentally and physically challenged during a workout was essential in becoming as FHIT as possible. Her favorite combo (similar to many of our FHIXers!), Spinning/HIT, allows Emily to push herself to the limit and somehow find that extra strength even when it seems impossible. She believes that exercise is not just important for your body, but perhaps even more important for your mind. The more FHIT she is, the better clarity, patience and understanding she has to deal with life's challenges. For the past year, Emily has been working for lululemon where she continues to deepen her love for yoga, FHITness and the UES community!

We asked Emily some additional questions so everyone can understand why she FHITs in so well with our FHIT community!

What was your first FHIX experience?

I had the pleasure of taking a "class en masse" with lululemon coworkers lead by el Capitan and it rocked my world!

What is currently your favorite song to get FHIT to?

"Raining" by Kaskade and Adam K. That song sinks deep and helps me work out hard.

What workouts do you do to compliment a FHIX?

I am a huge fan of both pilates and yoga. I have scoliosis pretty badly, so it allows me to concentrate on proper alignment, balance and correcting any overcompensation my body tends to do.

If you could goFHIX anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Maldives. I must experience the beach with the bioluminescent phytoplankton.

Describe your ideal NYC day:

Wake up early, go for a run in central park, grab coffee and breakfast with friends, check out what's new at MOMA, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, dinner in Williamburg followed by a chill concert.

Where do you go for a sugar FHIX?

Levain's Bakery. It is almost not fair how good those cookie cakes are.

Be sure to introduce yourself to Emily and ask her anything else you may be wondering! Welcome to our FHIT family Emily!!!