Published May 31, 2017

The Sweat Scoop: May 2017

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May might not have brought the flowers that old rhyme promises, but it sure did bring the fitness! Check out our 10 favorite FHIT moments of the month.

1. What we eat affects our bodies not only physically, but also mentally. Scientists have discovered 9 vitamins and minerals that help our brains keep depression low and pleasure and satisfaction high. See how to eat your way to happiness here.

2. With summer just ahead, travel is on everyone's agenda. Between airport meals and being away from your usual fitness FHIX, it's easy to feel like your wellness habits are being sabotaged, so Well + Good suggests these 7 tips for healthy travel.

3. Whether it’s been days or decades since you set foot in a classroom, everyone remembers their favorite school teacher. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8 to May 12), we reached out to some all-star teachers in our FHIT community and caught up with them about their role in education and how getting their FHIX influences their teaching style. Check out the blog here.

4. Studies suggest that a high-fiber diet can lessen arthritis and overall inflammation. Eating more fiber also supports a healthy weight and decreases the risk of diabetes.

5. Yesterday's FHIX got you feeling tight? Try these lower-body stretches from Greatist after you've done 1 too many squats.

6. We celebrated Mother's Day with our FHIT mom-to-be, FHITpro Amanda! In case you missed it, check out our blog to read up on Amanda's pregnancy.

7. We love New York City, and as it turns out - New York City loves us too!!! The NYC Parks Department will be setting up 100 free sunscreen dispensers on New York City beaches. Great news for your skin!

8. For our female FHIXers who love to cross train, check out SELF Magazine's list of the best running shoes for this season.

9. They say couples who sweat together stay together, and we're willing to bet that's the case for Anthony Johnson and James Makokis who got married at the 32 KM mark of the Vancouver Marathon.

10. FHITpro Benjamin Wegman went LIVE with InStyle showing them some key moves to get you ready for summer-