Published August 2, 2018

The Sweat Scoop: July 2018

Sweat Scoop July
Image via Popsugar Fitness


  1. This just in: ClassPass is now offering a free audio training app called ClassPass Go. On the go and can’t make it into a studio? Now ClassPass is offering users the freedom to workout from the comfort of their own living room / hotel room / beach / you name it. Need to know more before you head to the App Store? Shape has all the details.

  2. Speaking of workouts you can do anywhere, Men’s Health rounded up a killer workout that you can do with nothing more than a hand towel. Now you really have no excuses not to get your workout in.

  3. We’re not ones to brag… Ok, maybe a little. Fhitting Room’s own Ben-Lauder Dykes was featured in GQ! Click through to learn everything you’ve ever wondered about the bench press, and see Ben drop some serious knowledge.

  4. Ok, while we’re bragging, Fhitting Room trainer Kendall Janicola was also featured in last month’s news. Her article in Popsugar Fitness explains how implementing high-intensity interval training (or HIIT) into your routine is a quick way to build muscle and burn body fat.

  5. If Kendall’s feature isn’t enough to convince you, Women’s Health has 10 reasons to try HIIT. Read the full list here, then run, don’t walk, to your nearest HIIT studio.

  6. Summer may be halfway over, but there are still plenty of weekend BBQs and beach days in our future. Besides, it’s never too late to ensure sun safety, which is why mindbodygreen is breaking down what you need to know about your sunscreen ratings in order to stay safe this summer. Because burning fat is good, but burning skin is not!

  7. Looking to add a morning workout routine into your (already packed) schedule? Well and Good has more than a few helpful tips to finding your morning groove. Plus, see if you can spot a shout-out to your favorite HIIT studio.

  8. Still not a morning person? That’s ok. We get it. Lucky for you, there might actually be a handful of health benefits to working out before your bedtime. Learn more from Refinery29.

  9. If your legging drawer is looking a little bland (anyone else have a full stack of black leggings?), one brand is here to change that. Activewear brand Niyama Sol has designed a pair of leggings inspired by J.Lo’s (in)famous Grammys dress (You know… that dress from 2000 with the down-to-her-naval neckline). Self has the scoop.

  10. To achieve lifelong cardiac health, it’s important to start exercising early, and exercise often. However, if you’re late to the game and middle aged (or beyond), it’s not too late to start! The New York Times explains how regular exercise can “remodel” your heart and improve your health.