Published August 1, 2017

The Sweat Scoop: July 2017


July has brought us a lot more than fireworks and barbecues this year (although there have been plenty of those too!). This month marked some major milestones for our community, including an exciting new addition to our FHITfam. Keep reading to learn about the top stories we’re sure to be talking about all summer long!

1. Baby Palma has arrived! FHITpro Amanda Butler gave birth to Parker Liam Palma on July 8th. Amanda is one of our original FHITpros and the first in our family to deliver a baby. She is taking some time to bond with her new son but will be back helping you HIT it hard soon!

2. Swimming is a great way to tone your arms and legs, but chlorine isn’t doing your hair any favors. In order to protect your strands and continue getting your pool FHIX, check out these 5 shampoo choices PureWow recommends for swim-heavy summers.

3. Whether you’re 17 or 70, any age is a great time to get your FHIX according to this New York Times article. The piece describes a new study which explores the effects of high intensity interval training for different age groups--and found that everyone beneFHITted!

4. Want to make sure your grocery shopping is as smart as your workout routine? Well + Good shares the 6 food shopping mistakes nutritionists wish healthy people would stop making.

5. If you’ve ever wondered when to fuel up to maximize your workout, keep reading! Greatist explains whether it is better to eat before or after a sweat session and what kind of food choices you should be making.

6. It may be time to start picking up kettlebells on the second (or third!) shelf. Shape sheds light on a new study which touts lifting heavy as the most efficient way to build strength. Researchers found that weightlifting more effectively conditions the nervous system, meaning your muscles can exert more force with less effort when compared to someone who sticks to 3 pound dumbbells.

7. It happens to everyone once in awhile: you go a little too hard in the FHIX and wake up feeling seriously sore. Luckily, Brit + Co has some helpful tips to ease aching muscles and keep soreness at bay.

8. Summer happy hours are hard to resist, but with these tips from Well + Good you can sip guilt-free. Check out their three picks for delicious cocktails that are low in calories but sky-high in flavor.

9. Did you miss FHITpro Mark Ribeiro’s run on American Ninja Warrior last month? Check out his Instagram for some clips of him in action and tune in when he is back on for the Cleveland City Finals in a few weeks!

10. You may rely on a cup of joe for some pre-FHIX energy, but is your latte habit healthy? Goop explores the potential pros and cons of drinking coffee as well as some tips on picking brews and beans.