Published August 1, 2016

The Sweat Scoop: July 2016


1. We know finishing a FHIX isn’t easy. You’re lifting, swinging, jumping and more for 50 minutes, and your body is pushed out of its comfort zone. According to this article from New York Magazine, however, all that time feeling a little uncomfortable is likely setting you up for extra comfort and way less stress in the long run.

2. How nutritious are your meals? Perhaps way less, or way more, than you think! A large percentage of Americans are mistaken in their perception of what foods are healthy. Check out this piece from the Times to learn more about foods that confuse the American public.

3. How cool is this fully functioning farm on a rooftop in NYC?! We love how Brooklyn Grange is taking sustainability to a whole new level.

4. ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue challenges the notion of an “ideal” body by stripping top athletes of all their inhibitions – and their clothing.

5. Our FHITpros shared how they get through their toughest workouts with Well + Good.

6. Happy heart, happy life? That may not be exactly how the saying goes, but it sure is true. This New York Times article reports that reducing your sugar intake can dramatically increase your heart health.

7. Get your FHIX for whatever reason you want, but the next time you’re HITting it hard, realize you’re not only gaining benefits in your physical fitness, but in your life fitness. Read on to see how pushing yourself in the studio translates to mental, emotional and even financial benefits.

8. The Huffington Post gives Five (very persuasive) Reasons Fitness is Important in Dating and Relationships.

9. Can you run faster than your dog? What about a horse? These athletes race 22 uphill miles against horses. Some of them even win.

10. Whether you like it or not, you are about to become much more aware of the liquid calories you consume during a night out. Beer bottles will soon include a reality check: a calorie count.