Published February 3, 2016

The Sweat Scoop: January 2016


1. Yahoo Health knew Jonas was not playing around, so they asked FHITpro, Daury Dross, to create The Perfect Workout for When You’re Stuck Inside.

2. Our FHITpros know a thing or two about nutrition and how to make GAINS, but there is always new technology and data coming out about the best way to feed our FHIT bodies. tested 74 of the best selling protein supplements through a chemical analysis and ranked products by a range of qualities. Check out their list of top protein powder supplements.

3. Women’s Health magazine, is ridding itself of some of its most popular cover phrases to shift reader’s focus from appearance to wellness. The magazine previously abandoned the words “diet” and “shrink,” and made a resolution to leave behind the phrases “Bikini Body” and “Drop Two Sizes.” We couldn’t be happier!

4. FHITpro, Julia Avery, ended 2015 with a round-up of 15 realizations she has learned from the past year. We’ve gotta hand it to her: this girl has beauty, brawn and brains!

5. FHITpro, Amanda Butler, teamed up with Greatist to demonstrate The 5 Moves Everyone Should Be Able to Do. Hint: she can do all 5 very well.

6. New Balance is upping the street-sneaker ante. More and more people are rocking sneakers for reasons beyond comfort and the new NB Grey Collection features updated fabrics, colors and details on the classic New Balance styles.

7. We know you’re busy and so are we. That’s why we were so excited to see Greatist’s list of 5-Ingredient Healthy Dinners for Busy Weeknights.

8. Few people can put together a playlist as dynamic, motivating and fun as FHITpro, Jason Tran. Elite Daily asked him to create a playlist to help people get through their toughest workouts. Have no doubt, he delivered!

9. We already loved eating garlicky foods and cinnamon-spiced treats for the taste and now we can appreciate them for their nutritional value, too! MindBodyGreen and nutritionist Jonny Bowden created this helpful article about the 9 Spices & Herbs Everyone Should Eat for Optimal Health.

10. Bon Appétit and FHITpro, Emily Cook Harris, teamed up to create The Cocktail Shaker Workout. Check it out to see her curl, thrust and chop her way to a killer cocktail.