Published March 1, 2017

The Sweat Scoop: February 2017


Just because February has a shortage of days does not mean there’s a shortage on fitness! Check out ten of our favorite FHITness moments this month.

1. Harper’s Bazaar asked FHITpro Lacee to share 4 Kettlebell Basics for Beginners. Show this video to your friends who are feeling intimidated before their first FHIX.

2. We like keeping things efficient over here! That doesn’t just apply to our workouts. For the ladies who HIT life hard and love the idea of getting their beauty FHIX quickly, check out MB45, a new salon that provides a manicure and a blowout in just 45 minutes.

3. Nothing messes with your workout routine like traveling. From limited healthy food options in airports to losing access to your favorite gyms and classes, a two-day work trip could sabotage everything you’ve worked so hard for. Here are four new apps and services hoping to make traveling work to your advantage.

4. What’s a February round-up without some mention of chocolate? You can treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day box of chocolates year-round so long as you keep this guide in mind.

5. In a time when protein powder is a key ingredient in several of our favorite recipes from smoothie bowls to pancakes, it’s obvious we’re being very mindful of our protein intake. However, are we being mindful of how we prep our protein? Men’s Fitness sets us straight on whether or not freezing or cooking your protein powder can denature it.

6. The restaurant industry is notorious for high-stress situations that can wreak havoc on their employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. Now several NYC restaurateurs are trying to change the stigma by providing services like in-dining room yoga classes and energetic walking meetings to their employees.

7. Meal prep can be a lifesaver for those looking to eat clean consistently, but prepping vegetables five days out can lead to wilty, unfulfilling meals. Greatist has all the tips and tricks for successful meal prep.

8. Many people are rocking wearable tech like Apple Watches, Nike FuelBands and Fitbits to track their FHIT activity and encourage them to keep moving throughout the day, but how much of a difference are these accessories really making? This New York Times article shows it may be less than you’re expecting.

9. Sweatworking is gaining popularity and for good reason! Find out why combining business with burpees is an incredible option.

10. Two months in, and we are still feeling strong and optimistic for 2017. Not exactly on our page? Here are ways to stay on track with any resolution, big or small.