Published August 25, 2017

The Sweat Scoop: August 2017


Forget the dog days of summer; August has been nonstop here at Fhitting Room! From footage of one of our classes in action to a podcast with our FHIT Founder, Kari Saitowitz, keep reading to catch up on the workout news we’ve been buzzing about this month.

1) If you’ve been HITing it hard, you know proper recovery is key to killing it in your next FHIX. Read this Mindbodygreen article to learn more about what you should eat to make sure you bounce back from your next killer workout.

2) There are some workout moves that even trainers think you shouldn’t be doing! Well + Good caught up with four top fitness pros (including our own Jess Sims) to read what exercises you can skip and which highly effective alternate moves you should do instead.

3) If you’re looking for a change of pace from your standard swim-bike-run triathlon, you’re in luck. Check out these unconventional multi-sport races on to learn more about other one-of-a-kind events that will challenge your body in new ways.

4) Nobody wants to worry about unFHIT smells during their last set of burpees. Keep your Muscles and Margaritas crop smelling fresh with these tips from The Observer on how to wash your gym clothes for maximum odor protection.

5) Forget Instagram models, this basketball team of women who are all 80+ years old is true FHITspo. SELF has all the details about the badass women on the San Diego Splash as well as videos of the team in action.

6) While we usually endorse going all out, there are a couple of red flags even die-hard exercisers should not ignore. If you experience any of the warning signs broken down in this Greatist article, it may be time to take a rest day before you continue getting your FHIX.

7) Curious how Fhitting Room came to be? Check out HaloTalks to learn how our own FHIT Founder, Kari Saitowitz, became an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ and found her career renaissance with Fhitting Room.

8) You know regular FHIXes do wonders for your body, but what about your mind? This New York Times article explains how exercise can help you learn a new language thanks to gains in both vocabulary and comprehension.

9) Bad news for guac lovers: Avocado prices are expected to surge in the near future. Well + Good explains the cause of this unfortunate price hike and when you can expect increases to go into effect.

10) This month we welcomed CNBC into our Flatiron location as part of their tour of popular boutique fitness studios. Click here to learn more about their FHIXperience and why so many people flock to specialty classes like ours.