Published May 3, 2018

The Sweat Scoop: April 2018

Sweat Scoop April
Photo via Outdoor Voices

  1. Technical apparel for recreation and… running? Outdoor Voices launched a new running apparel line this month. The line features two new fabrics, LightSpeed and EcoMesh, both lightweight and fast-drying. This is the brand’s first sport-specific line, which makes us think there might be more like it in the future. When designing the line, OV crowdsourced what customers wanted to see (and feel) in order to develop apparel for the people.

  2. The future is definitely female. For the first time in 33 years, an American woman won the Boston Marathon. Two-time Olympian Desiree Linden finished the race with an incredible time of 2:39:54. This comes after Linden was the runner-up in the 2011 Boston Marathon.
  1. Summer is just around the corner and things are (finally) starting to heat up. Women’s Health is offering up 22 indoor workouts so you can break a sweat without the help of the sun. The best part? Most of these moves don’t even require equipment.
  1. Upgrade your ‘Gram game. Self Magazine lists their favorite trainers to follow on Instagram for at-home workouts. Fhitting Room’s Jess Sims made the list! Check out her feature and follow along for more routines.
  1. Care for a spot of tea? You might now. mindbodygreen spoke with six dieticians who shared their favorite hot bevs and laid out the benefits of each. Your morning matcha might pack more of a punch than you thought.
  1. Nike made waves with the launch of its Epic React line. In April, they added two new colorways to the Epic React family, both perfect for spring. Named after the ever-popular powdered tea, the new Matcha colors feature vibrant greens and pinks:
    Sweat Scoop April 2
  1. By now, you’re likely already planning your summer getaways and making travel arrangements for your OOO time. Before you jet, check out Health’s tips to avoid getting a stiff neck (and a sore butt) on your next flight.
  2. Prone to catching colds? New research shows that strenuous exercise can improve your immune system, according to the New York Times. Previously, it was thought that those who hit it hard in the gym or on the track are more susceptible to getting sick after long bouts of exercise, but new research shows it can actually help, not hurt, your immune system’s strength.
  1. Small but mighty, microgreens are taking over the plates and recipes of restaurants everywhere. But are these little sprouts really worth the hype (and the high cost)? Well+Good has the details.
  1. As much as we may try to deny it, we’re all guilty of the occasional (okay, fine, frequent) gym selfie. According to Shape, one gym thinks you should soak up the limelight with an entire room dedicated to taking selfies. The Edge Fitness Clubs opened up a “Gym Selfie Room” at their Fairfield, CT studio—perfect selfie lighting included.